BSHS 465 week 2 learning team ppt bill of rights presentation

Bill Of Rights/Human Services



Emphasis on the “Bill Of Rights”Discuss the rights we chose for the HS professionalDiscuss the rights we chose for the clientsDiscuss Professional/Client rightsExplain the rights and their importance.Discuss how rights contribute to the development of a useful guide.Conclusion


The Human Service Professional Rights


The Right To Work In a Ethical and Supportive Environment


Ethical Practice


Builds a competent teamFosters purposeEncourages staff inputPraise for good workEthical work practices

The Right To Participate in Continuing Education Classes




Gain more knowledgeHands on experienceFurther understanding/competencePreparation

The Clients Rights


Clients Have The Right To Opinions

Termination of services.The right to refuse services.Serviced by qualified StaffOptions for alternative services and referrals.Access to services and service plansEqual Treatment

Clients Have the Right to Confidentiality

Protects their privacyHelps in creating a trusting relationshipEnsures the professional and other deemed personnel are only privileged to their information.

Clients Have the Right to Advocacy

NeglectFinancial ExploitationRaceReligionGenderAge,Marital statusSexual preferencephysical handicap.

Provide services without discrimination or preference against:


The Rights of the Professional/Client Relationship


Client and Professional Boundaries

Be friendly with your client, but not their friend.Boundaries should be set in the first session.Be clear on your limits as a provider.

Development of a Useful Guide

It recognizes the significance of the professionalIt emphasizes collaborative effortsIt creates opportunity for professional/personal growthClients are relevantClients have choicesGive clients a way to address any problems they may have.Encourage clients to take part in getting the right help they need, not your beliefs.Without boundaries, you may overstep your responsibilities of providing help and support to offering money or personal advice to your client.


There exist many different versions of the Human Services Bill of Rights, but all aim to emphasize the rights of the professional and client:The Right to privacy and confidentialityThe Right to standards of professionalism, competency and accountability.The Right to religious beliefsTo be treated with dignity and respect (Levine, 2013)


Levine, J. (2013). Working with People. The Helping Process (9th ed.). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.National Organization for Human Service Education (NOHSE). (1995). Ethical standards of human service professionals. In codes of ethics for the helping professions (3rd ed)(2007) (pp. 196-201). Belmont, CA: Thomson Brooks/Cole.Reamer, F. G. (1990). Ethical dilemmas in social Service: A guide for social workers. New York: Columbia University Press

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