Budget Surplus

Budget Surplus

For a case where there is a surplus in school, the board should carefully spend the extra funds so that it can continue receiving funding. The board should therefore spend the money on a worthwhile and reasonable course. Creating and building more facilities to support more children can be the best thing that the school can do. This will enable more children get the education they need. For an instance for a case where the children in class are becoming many, an extra class can be constructed and extra teachers employed so that they can handle the increasing number of teachers. This will greatly benefit the children and the teachers thus spending the money on a worthwhile course (Chapter 3).

According to (Poppitt, 2003), the other way that the committee can spend the money is by using it to fund the education of children who are from families that are poor and not in a position to cater for their education. In every society, there are people who are not in a position of affording a decent education. Supporting the children from these families by educating their children in the child center and later in their further studies will be beneficial. For this case, the funds will have been spent on a worthwhile course


Poppitt, D. G. (2003). The school fundraiser. Birmingham, UK: Questions Pub.

Chapter 3

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