BUS 299 Discussion 1

A manager is an employee who gets the work done from other employees in his supervision. He delegates the authorities and help employees in setting goals. He motivates them to achieve the goals and help them to align their personal goals with organisational goals. He plans, organize, directs and controls the activities in the organisation. Managers influence the career of his employees and demonstrate honesty, integrity and trustworthiness to influence them. (The Career Center)

Managers analyze the available information and utilize them for forecasting the future behavior. They utilize different decision making tools for this purpose. They craft strategies for the future using present information.

Howard Schultz of Starbucks is a courageous leaders and an able manager who has realized the global potential of online commerce and invested in companies like eBay. (Williams, 2102)

Larry Page from Google is another successful manager who values the opinions of his employees and give them full power to innovate. He has realized the power of technology and has used it to improve the lives of people through many ways. (Nisen, n.d.)

Evan Williams founded Odeo which was a podcasting platform. He could not manage it strategically as it became obsolete due to podcasting facility made available by iTunes store of Apple. (Truong, n.d.)

Geffery Immelt of GE has proved to be an unsuccessful manager as he lacked vision and did not prepare for market changes. (Hartung, 2015)

Two important management functions are leading and coordinating. Leading helps to create vision for the employees to move ahead. It acts as a guidepost that motivates them to achieve goals and objectives

Coordinating means collaborating and communicating to employees for better implementation of decisions and strategies. It ensures that all the business processes are on track and are running synergistically.

I am a development manager in an IT based company. I have experienced the visionary leadership of CEO of the company who motivates us and leads us towards growth. He provides us with requisite resources and encourages us to become an integral part of the company’s success.


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