BUS 392 Organizational Culture and Diversity

Organizational Culture and Diversity

In this course, I have learned about organizational diversity as the most significant lesson. I learned that it is very important for an organization or an institution to have a diverse workforce because it blends different people and bring them together. Organizational diversity brings together different abilities, talents, attitudes, experiences, personalities, cultural orientations and influences. The combination of all these workforce diversities increases the organizational creativity and solving of the problems that arise. Organizational diversity brings together different minds which leads to organizational problem solving since all those minds bring about different ideas stimulated by their different way of thinking.

Diversity also enables an organization to have a smooth running and operation, troubleshooting as well as enabling good decision making. It is also critical when it comes to customer service because it helps in understanding diverse customer base. This is very important when it comes to understanding and reading the customer. It helps in anticipating and monitoring their expectations and needs hence enabling them to be served to satisfactory.

I have also learned about organizational culture in an organization. Both the managers and the employees should always work in harmony in order for things to flow as expected. Making changes in a business organization is not an easy task and therefore it is not advisable for the managers to push for change all at once. They should do it in bits. They should do it gradually in order to allow the employees to adjust slowly and to allow for any problems that arise to be solved.

I have learned that the organizational culture and diversity are very important things in an organization and therefore, due to diversity, managers should not hurry to impose change because the employees have diverse ideas and in the process, challenges might be encountered.

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