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Business Skills

There is need to have effective and more reliable company. This provides information not only to the members but it also markets itself. For a company to be relied on it should have effective advertising and make the people have positive ideas on your name. During your advertisement you should capture the customers’ attention and make them see the sense of your advertisement. The advertisement should be clear reflecting on the uniqueness of your business. In my company I deal with t-shirts and coffee mugs with fun and empowering logos for women. I use the information from the secretariat and the word support to market my business.

My target market is the women between age 35-55 because they create a wide range including single mother, married mothers and single women. I focus on these women because their habits increase as they have babies and have high buying influential power. My secondary market trends younger than my target market which is between ages of 25-35. My secondary market should distinguish itself from that of other companies who are my competitors. I deal with college educated women who work full time because women are passionate about their professional life and their pursuit (Kotler et al, 2010).

Being authentic is my unique selling preposition whereby I need women to buy my sassy slogans without apologies. Authenticity is one of the qualities which is desirable and creates an attention on which you are. This USP makes all the women show their voice on the coffee mugs and the shirts. Being authentic makes things true and clear for other customers to feel free when making their decisions on buying my products. In order to cater for the competition of good and services in the market, one has to identify different factors to make a business successful. A competitive edge is something that everyone needs in a business ( Kotler et all, 2010).

According to Mc Graw (2005) being the owner of the business you should have a business plan so as not to invest on non-useful things. Look on what your competitors are doing and create something pretty from the overview. It is of great importance to look back historically on what you have been attaining in your business and what has failed. You should use the mistakes noticed to make success in your business. Have a competitive analysis any make frequent comparison not with only one competitor but with variety of competitors.

In conclusion, USP determined your failures and success in a business because it makes your business to stand out. I usually view my USP from my customers’ point of view since without them my business cannot thrive. In addition, proper advertisement of my products making sure that my products meets the standards of my target and secondary market. Being authentic allows my customers to freely interact with my products and making them have authentic voice to the shirts and mugs. I also use my USP to know my competitors and identify ways in which I can improve my products to high standards.


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