Capstone Literature Review Project

Capella University Capstone Literature Review Project






The Capella university institute organization is a learning institute organization responsible in the promotion of higher education knowledge to learners.

Statement of the problem

The problem at Capella University just like any other organizational institute, as shared by is that they experience diverse levels of mishaps amidst our very profound administration and organizational structure given our unbridled level of uncertainty and sensitive level of paranoia of whether or not our accustomed students are ardently avert enough to grasp and pro-actively be able to relate their day -to-day scheduled curriculum timetables with the intermediate surrounding given the petulance and naïve assumptions that the desired and up to date designated outlines are perfectly followed to the latter given the agreed terms and conditions revered by the existing learning memorandum constitution of the institutes’ stipulations ,to equip the students with knowledge presumptuous enough to acquaint them with all the relative skill sets equitable to partake and comfortably be able to indulge and socially co-relate with other different institutional members in their current and future maneuvers at the expense of having to be able to analyze their options and opinions.

As shared by knowledge, just like violence that is tantamount to defeat is momentary .This is to insinuate that albeit the given fact of it been taught, it can or cannot be able to readily be internalized and conformed to proficiently converted to suit ones level of logical understanding, depending on the viable illustrations pertaining to the subject matter of the taught discipline. It therefore is documented prepensely that periodical evaluation is a matter of complete necessity to be able to gauge the level at which learners are able to diligently remember what they are taught through continuous assessment tests to asses various topics, assignments’ to jog the student minds and exams to solemnly validate; evaluate and determine the sequential progression all student reports to decipher the level of co-ordination between student teacher relations.

As shared by the topic is adopt initiatives for a better higher education learning and related research and literature. To coerce and palliate the level of ambivalence of staff members and the student faculty at the end of their course studies given the dawned reality of their failure, due to inadequate preparation huddles as a result of poor communication and lack of equipped knowledge.

Nonetheless knowledge gained through practical sessions is easily remembered rather than the quadruple negative option of basing ones knowledge in studying theoretically the issues that are perceivable through the eyes.

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Role in or relationship with the organization

As the overall faculty head of the schools organizational structure and student affairs I am burdened with the task and responsibility of having to ensure uniform co-habitation and relation between the student fraternity body and the schools administration are synchronized to unify the distinct requirements and equilibrium need are harmonized. As shared by complaints drawn by either sides have to first be carefully scrutinized through relentless pursuit of the root cause of the task at hand before further commencing the recommended result after meticulously reviewing both situations .Thus pertinent to the issue of conflicting sobriety ,it is considered a move of high dexterity to first carry out research through the administrations bureaucratic permission to ensure high credibility level of collected data.

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Description of the intervention

As shared by after further consolidation of accrued Intel as a result of private clandestine information research ,my Intel after further consolations with the involved parties , I as the departmental head of the said office saw it wise to envision the following prospects to be implemented as follows to withhold further levels of presentiments from ever occurring; weekly assessments’ on the progression of the syllabus reports would be reviewed by learners and more keen interest paid in their favor ,all members of the support staff involved in the department of studies and co-curriculum activities would present a fortnights outcome of eventful student assessment reports .

Impromptu benchmarks would be done during the course of the classes. Tutorials would be availed and assessed by departmental heads of and made accessible to the learners through electronic learning conventions.

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Rationale for the intervention

As shared by for the electronic learning paradigm, this was to ostensibly prepare the learners on what they would be tackling in their next lecture classes to equip them with the desired level of anxiety and morale required for eventual excellence in their specific disciplines’ ,as for the fortnight presentations by the support staff ,that was to ensure that all organizational stipulations had been met from the punctual class attendance ,proper remittance of applicable examples, the weekly student evaluation assessments’ were to ensure that the fortnight remarks by the support would be depended for organizational revisal.

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Purpose of the study

The purpose of the study was to implement the enforcement of adoptive initiatives to improve and realign the anomie of uncharacterized level of failure in lieu of excellence given the availability of readily available research resources.

Research questions

As shared by one evidently obviate desirable anxious mind-blowing answer resort of what extent will the eventual enforcement on new adoptive initiative to improve and realign the anomie of uncharacterized failure result to when implemented .For one the method based on the complaints raised were evidently as a result of either side not rising up to the eventual reality that learning involves gradual and constant revisal of already accrued knowledge to be able to comfortably familiarize oneself to the concepts they teach and learners learn .Hence once this formal application of reality is accepted learners are able to put in more practice and teachers are able to become more observant on their students reaction during their presentations .This therefore dictates that complex information that is not well understood can further be defragmented using the most illustrious example that can easily be fathomed.

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Participants and stakeholders

During the eventful research on the eligible pick of resolve to implement to counteractively solve the trance, the help of the information technology department came in handy since through them was the initiative of the electronic learning model brought to acknowledgment brought to realizations this came after numerous attempt exercises by the organizations’ system analyst to invoke the approach within the systems database accessories. As shared by it was also a mandatory requirement for the full involvement of the studies support staff to concurrently agree to work hand in hand with the information department to make the exercise a complete success .As for the participants, it was a mandatory to create accounts through which the tutorials would be availed .

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Site Permission

In accordance to the immediate access for the permission to go through with the implementation, the head of department of organization welfare actively took part in ,aiding and abetting my efforts to convince the school principal and the various head of departmental heads in charge of studies. Furthermore the positive and optimistic remarks of the organizations fraternity have laid a foundation in the future acceptance of spearheaded permission grants in case of any future revisal of organizational emergency.

Alignment of the study of your specialization

As shared by in accordance to the resolving ability to counteractively be able to come up with the positive resolve ,comes up ,the question of what field of study does it take for one to be able to ardently partake in the execution of the role of a head of student affairs and organizational structure .Well the answer basically lies on the profitable knowledge of experience in information technology under the specialization o networking ,this comes due to the acquainted knowledge of having basic knowledge of how networks systems have relative interdependency amidst all other forecasted knowledge.

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Scope and significance of the study

The study streams wide enough to offer a relatively large level of options to choose from. As shared by networking involves the ability to intercept and resolve traffic from data conveyance from one geographical location to another without having to experience fire walls to barricade the ease at which the message can be conveyed without necessarily having to challenges’.

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Organizational context

The problem involved dealing with issues concerning the uncharacterized extent of failure amongst the learners due to inappropriate organizational structure and implementation of adoptive initiatives. As shared by after further revisal of the immediate causes of the problem, it was determined that the problem laid in the judicious modulation of truth in the reality of gradual familiarization of the curriculum. As the overall head in charge of organization structure and student affairs ,I am expected to carefully listen to both the organization and students complaints concerning their issues then ensure the best resort of action is able to comfortably enable co-habitation with regards to certain levels of restrictions. Nonetheless I worked in collaboration with different stakeholders and participants in unravelling the root cause of the project due to resilient data collection conventions and worked hand in hand with the Information department to implement others. The organization conformed to supporting my initiative by promising future leeway permission grants to invoke new eligible resolutions’ profitable to the organization and enforcing mandatory rules to aid in the complete success of the numbingly tedious exercise. This way better performance records would be registered however, problems involving inconsistency of some of the required practice to run the operation would be encountered however, and the regulations act would ensure immediate action in case of any cheesy character attributes threatening to interfere with its eventual success before its mandated accomplishment.

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Theoretical framework and literature review

As shared by recent co curriculum studies dictate the idea that in order for one to be able to enforce consistency in the level of one’s understanding one must be able to in cooperate the use of numerous environmental examples .This equips one with the visual and photographic memory that is easily be remembered in lieu of the theoretical knowledge .Studies admonish that one is able to perceive more intake of information through encountering the similarity between the theoretical and hypothetical knowledge gained during practical situations.

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Systems theory

As shared by the theory analogizes the idea of interdisciplinary studies of all holistic approaches on the abstract organization of interdependent complex systems. This therefore in relation to the problem at hand dictates that when perfectly reviewed the problem arises from the eventual fact that its root cause can either be due to the existence of a particular system that is also dependent on some shared resolve of execution.

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Action theory

As shared by the theory bases its arguments on the idea that a program is designed and how they interrelate in their intellectual entities. This is well interpreted when logically the absolute eligible resolution was highly dependent on the existence of systems that require a formidable sense of intellect to solve, in this case the decision to seek sanctuary in electronic learning.

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Change theory

As shared by it describes the precise methodology for planning participation and evaluation it defines long term goals and maps backwards to identify necessary predicts. This dictates that every problem resolve is reached after identifying its proficient long term goals and also maps backwards to identify necessary future predictions to prevent future presentiments.

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Research question

To what extent will the eventual enforcements’ on new adaptive initiative improve and realign the anomie of uncharacterized failure result to when implemented.

Population and sample

In addition to the partnership aid offered by the information technology department during the eventual problem solving exercise, they were other major stake holders involved in the process of having to ensure its final approval and mandatory application to be put in force; as shared by the following below stakeholders were relatively and actively involved in the participation of the approval decision making reform. The Chancellor for one is a major stake holder whose active roles beside from having to oversee the uniform coordination of departments is also responsible for the assertion of major faculty decisions .Also the department of student welfare is responsible in basing and focusing their powers in helping and ensuring the perfect and comfortable participation of student within the school co-curriculum activities .The departmental heads are also major stake holding participant in the observance of the curriculum timetables and identifying the appropriate course units that are of applicable use to the students partaking different course

The decision to pick this formidable trio to participate in the eventual success of the proposed memorandum of constitution was informed with the fact that all would be viably responsible in case of any future presentiment occurrences’ involving the organizations success and recognition.

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Detailed description of the intervention

As shared by the intervention process first began with the collection of data from credible resources who were either involved in the emergence of the problem or not. Surveys were carried out at the expense of camouflaged Intel who were vetted to best fit the research process to avoid raising eyebrows and causing commotion which would have rather resulted into withholding sensitive information that would have formed the base arguments of the suggested survey as result of grapevine speculations of creating a scene due to the melodramatic events that had caused the said problem.

Nonetheless after a series of sequential and concurrent surveys the use of questionnaires was invoked to counterproof the detailed outcome of the survey findings citing that it would rather sound peculiar that the organization had carried out the implementation decisions without necessarily consulted the thoughts of the organization fraternity.

To further expound on the documented propensity to support the logical cause of action and encompassed decision opinions from organizational meetings and one-on-one interviews were implored to further back the resonate cause of work interlude resulting to making work more tedious for all organizational members .

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