Capstone Project Scenario choice and Preliminary Outline

Capstone Outline

Title page:

The outline will consist of a title page showing the

Name of the projects (How Drugs Whether illegal or Prescription Affect Sports)

Reason for submission

Submitted by:

Project instructor:


A brief summary explaining the whole project.


Dedication to the people who have helped make the capstone complete


Thanking all people who have contributed and helped in making the capstone successful.

Table of contents

Name of the content and the page number

Content……………………………………………. 1

Name……………………………………………… 2

List of tables

A list showing all the tables that have been used and their appropriate page numbers

List of figures

A list showing all the figures that have been used and their appropriate page numbers



Introduction of the topic will have different division. These are:


Background of the study

Statement of the problem

Objectives of the research

Research questions


Literature review

The literature review will consist of analysis of the works that have been done by other researcher concerning the topic. Both books, internet, journal and other sources of secondary information will be used to acquire the information.


Research methodology

This art of the capstone will include a statement of the research methods and design. The data collection methods will be explained. The sample size used will also be stated and explained. Data analysis methods will also ne stated and explained.


The research findings and discussions

The study will include a chapter showing representing the findings from the methods mentioned above.



This will be the last pat. It will summarize the findings of the study and make a final statement concerning the findings. A recommendation will be included as the last part of the study.


This will include APA citation of the articles that have been used in the study. In text citations will be used within the capstone where the articles have been used for reference. Articles that will be used will be obtained from the period 2011-2016.

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There will be partial submission of the paper so that you can see the progress.

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