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Christian Theory

It is important to know and recognize the presence of God. According to Jessica, Marco Maria and Dr. Wilson they chose to follow what the two women decided. They decided to follow Christian theory whereby they kept the stand to wait for what God has created. As seen in the text, it turned out due to the prayers which were made by Mary. According to Christianity, we find that many people try to obey Gods rules and they suggested keeping for Gods intention. Mary also supported the idea that she wanted the fetus to be kept despite the condition because she went out for prayer. Christian theory forbids human beings from abortion because God created and he is the one to take away (Dunstan, 2004).

According to the Bible, we are beautifully and wonderfully made in the eyes of the Lord and we should praise and worship him. We should therefore obey Gods creation through first doing according to His rules whereby we will get to do what is right being guided by Him. I believe in Christian theory which helps us to follow our creator’s rules and also Christians who act according to Christian theory are seen as an example to others. In addition, Christian theory enables us to understand that God creates or created us in the secret place and knows us before we are born (Dunstan, 2004). Looking on material things they could abort the baby but the life belongs to God as He is the creator.

In conclusion, i agree with Christian theory because we should do what is right by keeping the life of the baby. The decision of keeping the baby was from the belief of God who protects us in everything that we do. According to Christianity, killing the baby through abortion is a sin. The baby is still a human and should not be killed as according to Dr. Wilson and Marco whereby they only considered materialistic. They had their view scientifically whereby even human life they though it as physical (Steinbock, 2011).


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