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This part of the brain is located on the lower part of the cerebrum. It is in charge of coordinating balance, muscle movement and maintenance of body posture which in general may be called motor control. It is also involved in functions such as language, attention as well as regulating fear and pleasure responses. The human cerebellum just contributes to the movement but not solely initiates the movement action. It operates by receiving signal from the sensory part of the spinal cord and then integrates it into fine-tune motion activity (Schmahmann, 2018). This part of the brain is very important because when this part of the brain is damaged, then a person’s movement, posture and equilibrium activities are altered. In a personal experience, my cerebellum activity was altered when I was diagnosed with thyroid dysfunction which affected the operations of the organ. I started forgetting things while my balance was affected as well as my control of fear. The doctor said that it was due to minimal effects on the cerebellum part of the brain.

Effects of Nature to Humans

Nature is the natural surroundings of a human being. It plays a major role in the way people develop to be in future. A good example of nature is forest which contributes a big deal to human survival. Trees are the source of rain and rivers which make them vital for humans. Water has shaped my life because it made me healthy. When you visit a forested land, the environment tends to be so fresh making the people living at that region healthy. My home having being located in the woodlands made me have the best skin texture and less cases of decease outbreak.

The way humans are brought up also contributes a lot to their later life. It can also be referred s nurture. By being raised in a discipline family where everyone was taught to be respectful to each other has influenced my all way of life till now. It is said that the way a child is raised from childhood contributes a big deal to adulthood part of life. my friends from families that their parents were drunkards and were less concerned about their upbringing tended to behave roughly with no fear of protecting their image. Hence, nurture contributes immensely to the way a person lives his/her life (Ma & Schapira, 2017).

Effects of Culture, Environment and Biology to Human Gender Role

Culture contribute a lot to how a human being things, behaves and also how they talk. People from United States of America are different in their talk from people from England who tend to be grammatically conscious of English language hence contributing to different gender behavior (Ma & Schapira, 2017). Environment shapes the way a human behaves for example a person from informal settlement will behave differently from the person from the rich neighborhood. This also contributes the way a certain gender coexists. It is argued in biological research that humans undergo both sexual differentiation of the body and brain when still in the womb. This is what contributes to the difference in role of both male and female which is being masculine and feminine.

Information Bias and Inaccuracy

Bias of the information occurs due to inappropriate use of the cognitive process. Cognition allows us to rehearse and organize information but if not well used my bring errors in the process. When I was a kid, I was given a verse in a poem to perform before the whole school. The problem aroused due to the fact that I failed to rehearse and organize my work correctly in the brain hence leading to confusion during the performance. Another thing was due to the failure to accurately retrieve the stored information from by brain.

Scientific Psychology

Psychology is the study of human behavior and mind. It is a wide field of study of which is subdivided into different topics. Scientific psychological studies have common features that are different studies. First of all, they rely on the data that has been collected and study them before giving the results. It does not depend on a person’s belief. It is a long process that requires careful investigation of the results by more than one expert in most cases. Scientific psychology is more accurate than the other psychology because of its reliance on facts and figures while the other depend on previous findings of which could be wrong (Bernstein, 2018). A lot of general psychological study that are acute are referred to scientific psychological research in order to get the most accurate findings. The objectives of scientific psychology are that; the researchers are supposed to be totally unbiased in their research work. Secondly, the sources of bias should be minimized and the research be allowed to speak for themselves.


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