Challenges in managing a diverse age group of employees

Challenges in managing a diverse age group of employees





Challenges in managing a diverse age group of employees

     Managing a workforce that spans different generations, poses tremendous challenges to companies that want to be in line with the social trends, political correctness and progressive thought all of which are workplace dynamics. For instance, each generation has different values, work habits, diverse views of authority and different ways on how to balance work-family issues. In effect, with this kind of diverse team dynamics, managers often struggles bringing different generations together and turning groups into top performing teams is not easy which poses a great challenge to managerial teams (Kunz, 2011).

How diversity might impact on individual attitudes and behavior

            Diversity greatly impacts on individual attitudes and behaviors in so many ways both in the negative and positive ways. For instance, positively diversity, help to shape individual values, attitudes and behaviors where employees from different age group borrow from each other and borrow ideas. Individually, employees will have gained much insights in the work place and try understanding their colleagues (Milligan, 2014). In effect, with diversity, it will give individuals an opportunity to respect each other and understand themselves realizing the importance of having diverse age groups in a work place.

How diversity increase job satisfaction

            In addition, diversity contributes much in increasing job satisfaction since an organization success and competitiveness greatly depends upon its ability to embrace diversity. Diversity therefore increases job satisfaction in that it acts as a source of inspiration to employees to perform to their highest ability which results to higher productivity, profit and return on investment (Kunz, 2011).



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