Chapter 20 Organic Chemistry


Safety 4213/5213

Chapter 20 Organic Chemistry

Assignment #5

Introduction to Chemistry, summarize in paragraph form. Type written-Arial 12pt. Summarize each question in paragraph form.

1.Ionic bonds exist because of (a) Electrostatic force between (b) Two charged particles .

2.What is the difference between molecular formulas and structural formulas of organic compounds?

Molecular formula tells what atoms and number of atoms. Structural formula tells how they are bonded together.ย 

3.In the crystal structure of NaCI, what are the number and type of ions that are nearest neighbors to each Na+ ion?

-One ion per Na ion


-Electrostatic bond

4.Is energy released or is it absorbed when gaseous ions come together to form an ionic crystal?

Energy is released

5.Define covalent bond.

Bonds that form due to the sharing of electrons in the outer most energy level to form a stable molecule

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