CIS 109 Assignment 1 Ethical Issues in Information Systems

Assignment 1: Ethical Issues in Information Systems

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Ethical issues in Information systems

Information technology has enabled people to prosper in terms of information processing and retrieval (Costa, 2011). Through the interconnection of computerized systems, people are able to have access to information quickly through network interconnection wherepeople are supposed to manage data. In fact, there has efficiency achieved within organizations where technological systems are used and the impact is cutting organization cost and facilitation of effective response by employees who the primary information usersGasson, Kosta, & Bowman, (2012).

There are many ethical issues which affect the IT users. However, majority of these ethical issues arise where there is lack of security in data management systems (Costa, 2011). There is increased violation of privacy where individuals’ for example e-mails are hacked and accessed even by colleagues and information is changed from the expected meaning. In other cases, organizations suffer where files are accessed without prior authority from responsible people and the employee make this information publi(Gasson, Kosta, & Bowman, 2012). There is also frequent interference in databases and this is where some ICT users post and as well upload some unwanted images which are normally recorded through CCTV cameras when people are enjoying their privacyCosta (2011).

Human and technological measures which might be taken to safeguard the above ethical issues

Human being have diversified version of defining ethics and this means that in order to see that there is reduced invasion of personal e- mail accounts, people need to learn how to concentrate on their own networks while still avoiding interfering with other systems. There should also be embracement of values such as honesty and trust while sending messages in order to eradicate doubts and popping from third parties who may be interest with certain information out of curiosityCosta, (2011).

There is need to curb the increased rate of insecurity which is being experienced in e-mails. Through use of encrypted e-mail software, this can help to protect individual’s sensitive and private information. As noted by Weckert, et al (2013), encryption involves use of public coding means which make it difficult for person to interfere with information that does not concern them. Additionally through proper training of staff on the basic e-mail use procedure could also help to improve the security (Costa, 2011).

Where organizations are prone to experiencing bleach of information, they should train their employee to maintain confidentiality and respect those entrusted with the responsibility of safeguarding sensitive information (Gasson, Kosta, & Bowman, 2012). Through use of increased passwords and codes in system which can only be accessed by the authorized person it can also help to reduce the high chance of interference with information which can arise from time to time.In connection to the CCVT cameras, person should understand the need to demonstrate respect as they utilize such facilities. Those using the systems should be clears while collecting information through explaining their intention to the targeted groups (Costa, 2011).

Problems related to management of information systems which can arise from the above issues

There are problems which can emerge make the management of information systems not effective due to the above issues. Firstly, there is the likely hood of information distortion. This is especially where there may be lack of information access by the relevant persons. In other cases, there are problems such as lack of enforcement on data protection laws especially where information can be leaked to many people who should not be involved. According to Weckert, Lucas, &Selgelid, (2013), a lot exaggeration in videos can also be a problem which could arise with the use of cameras in recording of events. This would lead to production of images which are not quite clear to the viewers which means that wrong interpretation can happen.


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