CIS 109 Collaboration Systems at Isuzu Australia Limited

Collaboration Systems at Isuzu Australia Limited





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Collaboration Systems at Isuzu Australia Limited

Isuzu Australia limited is a company responsible for distributing Isuzu trucks in Australia. This company is deeply involved in the business and is in touch with customers and other stakeholders all over Australia. The involved are dealers are many and the company saw the need of adopting better management. The information however disseminated to the truck dealership was however done in outdated methods. As usual, they were not effective as much as it consumed a lot of time and resources to accomplish this task. To avoid all these, Isuzu Australia Limited turned to IBM for an amicable solution. They used IBM WebSphere portal and Workplace web content Management. This is a kind of web based software that help the companies to better manage and provide a personal and social experience for their customers and anyone they are serving. This technology is achieved through single point Access gates ( Iyengar & Gadepalli, 2005). Using the dual content management, Isuzu Australia Limited was able to successfully manage and meet all the needs of their clients and business partners countrywide. Through this technology, they were able to instantly communicate with everyone they needed to at a go by using instant messaging. This simplifies the management a great deal and managed to overcome the obstacles they had using the previous old methods. A lot of cost saving and accuracy was discovered by using this technology.

Isuzu Australia Limited also implemented the use of wiki knowledge management technology in making the collaboration needed and also making the systems faster. As asserted by (Segaran, 2007), Wiki 2.0 is a technology that provides an environment that is conducive for all and collaborative for employees, stakeholders and all other people that are involved in the system. Wikis are great collaborative tools that makes project progression easier with easily mapped to networks on business related undertakings and sharing of best business practices. As earlier stated that wiki is web based, Isuzu Australia Limited implemented this system on their work bench so that they can communicate with all their stake holders and people that they needed for their supply and distribution. IAL chose this platform because many people could get accessed to the web and this carrying out business could be simplified a little. Its adoptability could be much faster and simpler.

According to (Renkema, 2000), having a new system in place all of a sudden impacted on the operation of the company in terms of the distribution and marketing. The company certainly faced a lot of challenges in first getting the people into the system and knowing how to fully utilize it. This is because groupware needs to be utilized by a group of people and understanding how it works is the key to This problem Can however be solved by having a few trained IT people to train the employees on how to use and interact with the new system. As a company that needs to implement this, it is within their mandate to know how much money it is going to be spent on this new technology. They should also be in a position to know and determine what can be saved if the new system isn’t going to be implemented. Its economic logicality is to be well laid out. To resolve all the issues that might arise from this, the people that are involved in the management should be involved so that they can direct the finance sector to include them in their budget and allocate a reasonable amount so that the project can take off smoothly. This is an amicable solution that can be adopted for the problem not to persist and thus the project not getting to its final goal. Other issues that might arise will be handled promptly as part of the maintenance practice just like any other system.

In conclusion, Isuzu Australia Limited took a step in the right direction in adopting this technology as discussed. This can be witnessed by the versatility that was realized in the long run of the company. Isuzu was in a position to achieve better accuracy and management of team work was simplified. This saved the company a lot of resources in the long run and also time. It is therefore very important and crucial for companies to adopt technology in their work places as can be seen from Isuzu Australia Limited case study.


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