CIS 1107 Chap 4 Homework

CIS 1107 – Chap 4 Homework

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Instructions:Answer the questions below in the space provided; be sure your answers are clearly written and grammatically correct with no spelling errors. Following these questions, paste the screen shots showing the requested element.

Exercise Instructions and Evidence of Completion Answer a Question
4.1 Question: What utility program can be downloaded from the Microsoft site to conveniently transfer data and settings to a new installation of Windows 7? Your Answer: Windows easy transfer for windows 7.
4.2 Question: How does the BitLocker feature in Windows 7 increase the security of your installation? What hardware elements must be present to use BitLocker? Your Answer: enables file level encryption
4.3 Question: Is an account created in Windows 7 VM a centralized or decentralized account? If you wanted to log onto a second computer using the same username and password; what would you need to do first? Your Answer:Centralized, Connect to the vm
4.4 Question: Explain the difference between Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials. What happens if you install Microsoft Security Essentials on a computer with Windows Defender? Your Answer: windows defender is the base minimum of antivirus and security essentials covers the holes in defender.

Screen shots: Your evidence of completion is a screen shot or capture that illustrates the item described. Use the tool of your choice (e.g., the Windows Snipping Tool or the Print Screen function) to take a screen shot of the required content.

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