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An analysis of Mrs. Fripp’s speech



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An analysis of Mrs. Fripp’s speech

To begin with, this is an excellent example of a public speech. A great speech will automatically appeal to the listeners, which makes it unavoidable to continue listening to it. When she begins, Mrs Fripp’s self confidence and assurance is all over her, and you would tell that she is sure of what she is talking about. She begins the speech in a very lively tone, one that won’t get her audience to get bored. She uses her stage well so as to connect with the audience, whom she keeps glued to her because of her charisma. The way she starts her topic, she does it in a way as to create suspense, such that people are keenly listening to her to know what happened next. According to Kleiser (2009), some of the greatest quality a great speaker should have includes deliberateness, simplicity and directness, qualities that Patricia displays when she conveys her message about the dress.

She maintains a strong eye contact with her audience throughout the speech, and her gesturing while narrating is a plus, in that her points are easily understood by the gesturing that accompanies every point she makes. She has a sense of humor, which is necessary in keeping her audience excited about the speech she is giving, and avoiding boredom. About her mannerisms in the speech, however, it would depend on the kind of speech you one is giving, and the audience. The kind of posture and sound intonation she was giving would appeal to an audience whose interactions with you are informal, e.g. friends and family, and not a formal audience like business executives and colleagues at work. Also, she needs to work on how to engage the audience, so that it doesn’t appear a one person show. It would have been better if she asked questions, ironical or otherwise, just to engage her audience to contribute more.


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