CO 101 The 25 Public Speaking Skills

The 25 Public Speaking Skills Every Speaker Must Have or Speech Analysis

Please respond to one of the following questions:

Question A

Please read the article: The 25 Public Speaking Skills That Every Speaker Must Have by Andrew Dlugan.

Identify two or three points that really stood out to you in the list. Why did they stand out? What makes them so unique? Were there any points that you previously did NOT consider as part of public speaking? Give us your feedback!


This are very helpful points and many of them actually stood out for me. All are applicable out there and has enhanced my public speaking skills. The three main points that stood out for me are Incorporating humor, asking questions and obeying time constraints. Incorporating humor helps to make the speech livelier and also keeping the audience focused on you and not be distracted by many other things. Asking questions stood out to be the most important among the three. This is because you might be addressing a topic that the audience already now and probably are bored hearing about it over and over again. Questions gauges your limits as the speaker. It engages the audience thus making it inclusive rather than exclusive. Obeying time constraints is also very important because many people out there are very impatient and can lose focus easily. Sticking within the time limits that they were prepared for is the best way to go.

These three points are so unique in that they focus on the audience rather than the speaker who knows quite well what he is doing. The Audience are varied and might be expecting anything. Involving them is the best way to go. There are some points I personally never considered in the past when I was giving a public speech. Handling unexpected issues like power outages is among them. Luckily enough, such an interruption has never occurred. These points have improved my skills a great deal and surely I won’t be the same again.


25 Public Speaking Skills Every Speaker Must Have

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