COM 180 Assignment 2 Reflection 2

Interpersonal Effectiveness COM 180

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UNIT 4: Module 4 – Assignment 2

Reflection 2

I chose to have a reflective and thoughtful conversation with my fiancé, Justin Hill. I chose Justin to interview in the past, Module 2 – Assignment 2, Reflection paper. The reason I have selected Justin for this assignment is due to studying the communication process; “To have satisfying and long-term relationships in your personal and professional life, you must be able to communicate effectively” (Argosy University, 2015). With Justin, he can send and I can receive logical, non-bias, and truthful answers to any questions or comments in our conversations.

We decided to have our conversation outside, in a quiet place. We were able to maintain eye contact and observe nonverbal communication without any distractions. I found that our conversation was very productive due to being further aware and mindful as the receiver. As for the past, I was blindly rude by not giving our relationship my full attention by letting distractions take my full attention away from what Justin was trying to speak with me about.

As to now, the time I have spent practicing to become more mindful to Justin has improved tremendously from Justin’s perspective as well as mine. There were moments of what I perceived as mindlessness by Justin’s delayed eye contact and sometime shifty body language. The over effect that it gave me was nervousness or confusion from Justin’s actions but not intentional.

Overall, learning more in depth about the four basic components of interpersonal effectiveness and the communication process, there was evidence of improvement in these areas by Justin’s observation of myself as well as, my own self-reflection of the conversation. The evidence of improvement were noticed in the competence, emotional intelligence, mindfulness and ethics that I had shown in the conversation.

As well as, the awareness of the senders message, tone of voice and nonverbal signals so that I, the receiver, was able to acknowledge the sender with complete understanding. The actions that I can take to become more mindful and to improve other relationships is to continue practicing my interpersonal effectiveness and communication process.

Now that I have furthered my education in these areas, I feel more confident in approaching others with a different mentality and temperament as myself. For example, my mother and father seem to be complete opposite personalities than me. When it comes to coping with change, addressing and actions taken to defuse stressful situations and their overall attitude of life, we have grown apart by our differences. By taking these actions to improve my relationships with my family I will also be able to improve my professional relationships as well.

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