Communications Management Plan

Communications Management Plan

The Communications Management Plan is used to determine the information and communication needs of stakeholders. For each Stakeholder, determine what information they need, when they will need it and how the information will be given to them. Include details of who is responsible for providing the information.

Stakeholder What Information? When? How? (Format/Medium) Who is responsible?
Designer Design Requirements Face to face meetings Written communication Management
HR Team Human Resource Capital Meetings, mails Written communication IT Team
Marketing Market Research Present and Future Written and verbal communication Management
Investors Schemes, policy, annual report Meetings, events, conferences Written and verbal communication Management, marketing
Banks Loan, interest, sponsor Meetings Written and verbal communication Management, marketing
Advisory body Current market trends, latest technology, change management Team meetings with senior management Verbal and written communication Senior management
Finance team Crediting, collection and allocation Running process, internally in team Written communication Senior Management

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