Creating A Guiding Coalition

Read the article titled “Leading Change in Libraries: A Case Study”. Reflect on your academic career thus far. The decision to continue your formal education was a change that you implemented in your personal life. Whom did you place on your list as a guiding coalition and why? (Note: You do not have to list individual names. Substitute names for titles or positions are advised.)

The second step of Kotter’s change model is building a guiding coalition. The success of a change effort largely depends on the quality of the guiding coalition. I must say, my guiding coalition is heaven sent – my family. I really don’t want to single anyone out because everyone played their own role in my decision to continue my formal education back in 2009. After completing my undergraduate degree, my intentions was to continue with my Master’s, however, I had to find employment to be able to help my “family.” Although I was happy to find a job, I was an “Assistant.” I was always referred to as an Assistant. I was the only one in our office with a degree and to them my degree meant nothing. This ignited a fire of determination because I worked very hard to earn my degree and to be told that it didn’t matter, I knew that I had to prepare myself for what God had in store for me. I knew that being a military spouse, we would relocate often, which meant having to find new jobs. My family encouraged me to continue my education and has supported me on this long journey. There have been times when I felt that I was taking time away from my daughter and husband, however, they understand that this is only temporary. My daughter loves the fact that “mommy’s in school too” which makes my heart smile.I’m very appreciative of my guiding coalition and I thank God every day for giving me the strength and courage to continue pursing my degree.

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