Creative Strategy for Electronic Media

Creative Strategy for Electronic Media






Creative Strategy for Electronic Media

Advertisements, like previously discussed forms a very essential part of any company or organization. In several instances the type of advertisement used can either make or break a company and its products. There are two main types of advertisement which include the traditional and nontraditional forms of advertisement. To begin with, Traditional advertising includes advertisement on newspapers and print media, broadcast in television, billboards, flyers and banners, printing of T-Shirts among several others. Nontraditional advertisements includes the use of electronic media such as advertisements in the internet, creation of websites, mobile advertisements, google ads, aerial advertising, flyers distributed among blogs, websites, videos, and YouTube.

In this section, we discuss more about electronic media and the different creative strategies that can be used to make the information enticing and captivating to the general public. In electronic media, one is mainly concerned with how well the message will get to the public through the internet, websites, mobile advertisements, and websites among several others as listed above. There are different strategies that can be used which include blogging, use of twitter, Facebook, use of online videos. To begin with, blogging is a very recent strategy currently being used by many marketing firms to market their produce. The blog will mainly have sections of the daily specials, the new delicacies if any and the other offers present for the Family Diner.

In this condition, popular bloggers and their blogs can be used as a means of advertisement for the diner. When these individuals post about the diner, many individuals will get to inquire about the restaurant, lay out their preferences which then help to upgrade the restaurant in the long run. Next, we could create our own blog, not necessarily using the popular bloggers’ platforms. However, this could take quite some time to mature and attract several readers. For this reason, it would be better if a popular blogger was contacted first and their website used for the initial exposure. Following this, we can then come up with our own blog to expose our own desired features.

The next strategy to be used is the use of twitter. A twitter page will be opened and the available photos of the Family Diner will be posted as the cover page. This will attract more customers who visit the site daily. The account should be updated frequently to maintain its relevance and excite more customers. Those that retweet your tweets could be given special offers that will act to encourage more followers. Feedback can also be obtained from this platform to show us where any weaknesses are noted and those that need improvement.

By obtaining more followers, it is highly likely that the number of customers will increase and that will be a great benefit for the diner. This will also improve the online services done. Once orders are made online, they can either be picked at the store or they can be delivered. However, delivery will start in a few months following the application of these changes as earlier discussed. This is to enable us to purchase a bicycle for the restaurant that can be used by the employees to deliver orders made online. Next is to increase the total number of advertisements made. Several flyers will be printed and distributed around town to facilitate this..

The third strategy is the use of Facebook. In the recent years, Facebook has evolved from a social media mainly for entertainment to a fast rising e-market. Several individuals are using these to their advantage to market their produce and make huge sales. A mere Facebook page can mean a huge turnout of one’s business. Using the page, one can post all information available about the restaurant, its location, what it offers and any free tasting sessions among several other opportunities. These can then be reinforced by the use of videos and photos to make it more attractive to the interested parties.

A Facebook page will be set up for the diner. This will contain all the relevant information as mentioned above. It will have the details of the daily specials every single day to keep the customers always in the know. Following the inception of loyalty programs or special promotions, these will have sections dedicated to advertise them on the Facebook page. This will act as an advertisement strategy and together with the other online services, will go a long way to help us obtain maximum profits. It will also encourage more customers to dine with us which is our main aim in the long run. This will also help in the maintaining of the restaurant as a family legacy as desired.

The use of videos is the fourth creative strategy. Websites which offer free hosting such as YouTube will be used to advertise short videos about the diner. This can begin with for instance, recipes of the highly ordered pies or the best meal as per the customers’ reviews. These can be uploaded either as full videos or as ads; Either way this will still go a long way into advertising what the diner has to offer and what it is loved for. These can then be downloaded and shared by the regular customers which will then expose the diner further to the public.

The final strategy is the use of online directory listings. There are several online directories including google places and urban spoon among several others. On several occasions, before customers try out a new joint or restaurant, they visit the site to see which restaurants are listed and all that they have to offer. Using this, they then decide whether or not to visit the new place. This is mainly used with visitors and tourists and therefore can be a very important avenue for attracting new customers to the diner. A link to this can be placed on the blog which can then be used to access the directory and vice versa.

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