Criminal Justice Personnel

Criminal Justice Personnel

4. During Unit III of the course, criminal justice personnel were categorized as either full-time or part-time with respect to their role within the court process. Explain what constitutes a criminal justice professional being considered either a full-time or part-time participant in the court process. Next, identify one criminal justice professional role that would be considered full-time and another that would be part-time. Discuss what characteristics of each role cause it to fall into either the full-time or part-time category.




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Criminal Justice Personnel

The criminal justice department offers a lot of careers for both part time and full time positions, depending on the role played in the courtroom process. Criminal Justice careers basically fall into two categories: legal Law enforcement and legal. Law enforcement jobs deal with practicing criminal justice e.g. policing and the causes of particular criminal behavior, as well as society’s response to criminal behavior, like criminology and forensic psychology. Legal practices on the other hand, focuses on the provision of legal services as an official in the courts. Criminal justice personnel are categorized as either full-time or part-time, depending on some factors in the court process.

The first factor that categorizes a job as part time or fulltime is the amount of time spent in the job. Some professions within the criminal justice systems don’t require much of the professional’s time, due to its nature. Part time jobs will only require you to work a few hours a week, typically when there are court proceedings, while full time criminal justice jobs requires one to work for the official working hours, whether outside the courtrooms or inside the courts.

The job requirements also determine whether the job is categorized as full time job or part time (Harr & Hess, 2006). Some jobs have got high qualifications compared to others, which determines whether the profession is a part time one or a full time profession.

One of the criminal justice professions that can be regarded as a part time job is a court Bailiff. The Court Bailiff is a court officer who is responsible for managing juries, and providing bailiff services during court proceedings and trial, as well as assisting in the security services of the courtroom and other court facilities. Some court bailiffs are considered as part time personnel mainly because bailiffs typically only work when court sessions are on, and their jobs do not go beyond the court sessions (Rubenser & Priddy 2011). Additionally, for one to be a court bailiff you don’t have to necessarily have so much technical skill, like other criminal justice jobs. The only one required here is being physically fit to offer courtroom security, and other states actually take in civilian unarmed bailiff.

On the other hand, the criminal justice system employs some fulltime employees, like the court clerks. The court clerk is an officer who is responsible for maintenance of the court records. They are also charged with the administration of oaths to jurors, witnesses, and grand jurors. According to Harr & Hess (2006), the justice system, either criminal or civil justice, revolves around paper work. The court clerk is, therefore, a very important role, since it involves the maintenance of accurate records as well as ensuring court schedules. A court clerk is by any standard a full time employee, because of the nature of job that they do. They work in the courtroom, have even more responsibilities outside the courtroom. They always have something to do, whether there is a court proceeding or not, and this is a job that requires a lot of expertise to, unlike a court Bailiff.


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