Cultural Intelligence in a Team Setting

Cultural Intelligence in a Team Setting

In a team setting, I can apply the cross cultural skills in cultural intelligence to enhance our interaction as a team and to make the group environment conducive for discussion and personal development as well. First, i would apply the use the skill of adaptability to coexist peacefully with my team-mates. This will enable me to adapt to a changing cultural environment in order to cooperate with my fellow members coming from different cultural setting. This will make everyone to feel accommodated and motivate them to participate in the team work.

In addition, i would apply tolerance of uncertainty. This will guide me to react appropriately to instant changes in intercultural interaction. I appreciate the fact that, people with different cultural values have different perspective or approaches to issues. With this skill, i will therefore be able to able to tolerate the emotions of my team-mates. That will generate a peaceful environment to allow the team to perform their activities effectively.

Finally, I would use perceptual acuity to understand the arguments of my teammates without making a wrong interpretation. It is good to understand that, some statements made during an interaction may be interpreted differently depending on the culture of the people. The skill of perception acuity will therefore guide you to understand others point of view depending on their cultures.


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