Culture and society

Culture and society




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Culture and society

Culture can be defined as a way of thinking that distinguishes one group from one another (Hall, 1976). Culture it is so encompassing because it entail ideas, values, patterns of behavior and attitudes. Culture isn’t something someone is born with, it learnt and it is shared with others. It is e that want is dynamic because every new generation adds something to culture. That is, culture is dynamic because it changes with times. Society on the other hand is a social form that enables people to live together.

It is important for students to learn about culture and society because of the following reasons. One, it helps them to understand their own culture and the culture of others. This enables them to learn to tolerate and accommodate others with their differences and uniqueness. People always tend to be biased about other cultures that they don’t understand but learning about them can open someone’s mind.

Secondly, learning about culture and society helps in communication. It helps one to know how to communicate ideas, thoughts and information in a manner that is easily understandable depending on the culture of the people that one is addressing. Especially when doing cross-cultural communication because people always bring along their cultural prejudice and ideas so that it is important to know about other cultures when intending to conduct cross-cultural research and negotiations. It helps in preparation and anticipation of what is ahead.

Finally, learning about culture is important in helping someone to develop social and cultural identity that is important for everyone. Understanding one’s culture is something that should be a source of pride but bear in mind that no culture is superior to another.


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