Curriculum and Results-Based Evaluation

Curriculum and Results-Based Evaluation

A humanistic-educative evaluation method is offered with its emancipation of faculty and students and emphasis on collaboration, caring, creativity, critical thinking and self-assessment. This approach is more of walkthrough and feedback. This evaluation should be given by peers.

The utilitarian evaluation research design adopts ethical, moral, justice and fairness principles in studying the inputs, operations or process and outputs of a given program to fashion ways forward that will better ensure attainment of the goals of the program based on a societal needs assessment. This evaluation is centered around application of curriculum. The majority of administrators should use this approach.

Teachers should not be paid based upon student achievement. Teachers should be paid on student growth. There are kids at my school now who can pass achievement test at the beginning of the year without being taught. Thats fact! At my old school, those students need a lot of guidance and instruction. The difference between those two schools is in the population and demographic. Its not fair to judge a teacher based upon a student who may to levels behind when you them. The amount a growth a student has in a year is a tell tell sign to teacher effectiveness.

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