Data examination

According to Kirk (2016), most of your time will be spent working with your data.  The four following group actions were mentioned by Kirk (2016):

Data acquisition: Gathering the raw material

Data examination: Identifying physical properties and meaning

Data transformation: Enhancing your data through modification and consolidation

Data exploration: Using exploratory analysis and research techniques to learn

Select 1 data action and elaborate on the actions performed in that action group.

Data examination: Identifying physical properties , Examination process is basic in any undertaking since the stage chooses the time period and desires for the result. There are 4 fundamental stages in the information assessment activity, they are

Information Properties

Information Meaning


Effect on Process

Information Properties:

Any individual who has chipped away at certifiable information realizes how muddled it tends to be, and before going into points of interest, it is fundamental to clean the information to an available structure. Yet, the procedure that is constantly disregarded is, the thing that techniques ought to be utilized to clean information. What’s more, this stage tends to the issue with assessment on the information type, size, and condition. On the off chance that the information in table organization information sort of each line should coordinate the section definition, which applies to the size as well. The condition contains a few factors, for example, copies, irregularities, design gives that can be caught by basic checks in exceed expectations.

Information Meaning:

After the underlying checks are finished, at that point we can attempt to comprehend the information by inspecting the segment names and comprehend what every last one of them speaks to. In the event that there is documentation accessible for the information, consistently check for equivocal definitions and wording, we should have the option to comprehend the fundamental marvel right now simply physical properties, and before the finish of this stage, we ought to have the option to make a few determinations.


As we have a normal arrangement recorded in the underlying brief, we can attempt to break down the information by checking in the event that we have all the information focuses or not to accomplish the arrangement. This can be accomplished by intelligently following the estimations. Also, in a situation of missing information, we can note down the inquiries we can be posing to the information proprietors and partners for the reasons and anticipated accuracy. Additionally, before the finish of this stage, you will have the option to know whether you are feeling the loss of any basic information that can impact the last arrangement.

Effect on Process:

From the underlying three stages on the physical properties, Meaning and culmination, we will have the option to comprehend what variables will impact the procedure the most. We will have the option to stay away from mislabeled and inadequate information. You will have the option to choose which strategies can be utilized to change the information and furthermore the normal courses of events for every strategy. Required inquiries will be coordinated towards the people in question.


Kirk, A. (2016). Information Visualization: A Handbook for Data Driven Design (p.120-p.128). SAGE Publications.

Jonathan G. Koomey. (2006). Best practices for understanding quantitative information

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