Data Warehouses and Network Infrastructure

“Data Warehouses and Network Infrastructure”  Please respond to the following:

Imagine that you are an IT organizational leader in a mid-sized company. Comprise a justifiable argument for the use of data warehouses, data centers, and data marts in order to support for business intelligence (BI) within the organizational structure. 

The use of data warehouses would be highly beneficial in that data warehouses integrate data from databases and data silos and organize them for complex analysis, knowledge discovery, and to support decision making.  Many different businesses can take advantage of data warehouses to better understand their data, and come up with a strategic plan to implement to advance company goals.  The use of data marts can be beneficial in that data marts are a smaller-scale data warehouses that support a single function or department.  Data marts are the go-to solution if a company is not willing to invest into data warehousing.  Business Intelligence (BI) tools and techniques process data and do statistical analysis for insight and discovery to meaningful relationships in the data, keep informed of real time, gain insight, detect trends, and identify opportunties and risks.  

Ascertain the need for a robust network infrastructure to support strategic initiatives related to BI within an organization of your choice. Moreover, analyze the main reasons why the network is the key to data needs throughout the organization.

For this example I am going to choose the airline industry. Every day flights are booked all over the world from computers, smart phones, tablets, and other electronic devices. Not only are these flights booked, but they are booked at certain times that can be meaningfully decoded to understand buying patterns of the everyday consumer. BI strategic goals will focus on how consumer trends are apparent in ticket buying. This information can be used to collect information which can be used to advance company goals and revenues. The reason why the network is key to the data needs throughout the organization is simple, everyone needs access to ticket information across the globe. You need a vast information network to transfer these large amounts of data across the globe at any given moment.

Turban, E., Volonino, L., & Wood, G. (2013) Information technology for management (9th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons. 

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