Discussion on a Well-lived Life

Discussion on a Well-lived Life

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Discussion on a Well-lived Life

When one gets to adulthood, the aspect of responsibility and reasoning in a manner aimed at improving one’s life and create a sense of well-being is inevitable. My view of well being first of all involves having a consistent flow of income; money cannot buy happiness buy it will make my life comfortable. According to me, a healthy life means that I will be able to live in a good house, drive a good car, cater for my healthcare and even eat well and life becomes easier. Secondly, I believe the aspect of a relationship is the most important in creating happiness, well-being and eventual satisfaction in life. I would like to be able to make many friends, get married and experience some social support from my family, friends, and relatives. When I get depressed or happy, I need a confidant to share my emotional, psychological and social successes and setbacks.

In a bid to balance a life that is well-lived life, balancing one’s activities to their principles and values is important. I would be able to create some self-expressiveness and psychological calm, knowing that what I do is in congruent with what I believe is of value in my life thus cultivating some intrinsic satisfaction. Another thing that would make me develop a sense of satisfaction and believe that my life is being well-lived is developing a career that is progressive, that is, I would like to have the feeling that I am making progress in the challenges that life offers me. Having money, good relationships and values do not account for inner satisfaction in finding the meaning of life. As a result, there is the need to believe in something and believe that one’s life has some meaning. Religion and spirituality will assist me to find the intrinsic significance of life, an inner meaning of why I exist and the need for me to live a happy and comfortable life.

I plan to achieve most of the above hallmarks of a happy, satisfied and well-lived life by accomplishing some of the basic things that the society holds formal and acceptable leads to a successful life. First of all, I will complete my school to become a knowledgeable and qualified person who can get employed or start their own business to get money. Secondly, I would like to get married to create a circle of friends, family, and relatives who can guide me in my social, emotional and spiritual aspects. Most importantly, developing a close relationship with God will help me find the meaning of life and cultivate more personal values that will help me streamline my activities under acceptable value codes. After developing these value codes and principles, I believe I will be able to work progressively towards achieving my life goals, and they include a comfortable life, happy family and satisfied relationship with God.


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