Discussion on health issues

Discussion on health issues





Discussion on health issues

Public health workforce should be strengthened because it is diverse in provision of core public activities. There is a key policy question in that should the government invest highly on public health workforce and infrastructure to ensure smooth run of the activities and services?. There is need for improved training programs to enhance performance in the public health workforce. Public heath workforce has faced many challenges including the complicated communicable diseases control. There is emergence of new pandemics like HIV/ AIDs whose prevention needs a wide approach.

The nature and scope of public health practices is broad and ranges from the control of this contagious disease in order to improve the health standards of the people. Public health focuses on the prevention, measures to control and management of health services to the population. The capacity of the public health is to achieve its objective at regional and global levels because this issue is population wide. There is need to focus on modern training methods due to flexibility and in service work. Public health workforce contributions to the improvement of health standards of today’s population whereby there is provision of educational training to the society to be aware of HIV/AIDs and other diseases.

In some countries, public health activities are provided by private sectors and nongovernmental agencies which are under contract to ministries. This therefore increases the need for coordination among all those providing these services. Effort has been made focusing on training junior personnel and this contagious disease control and services. Government is also being involved in these services in provision of funds to support the running of the training programs. From developing countries, public health services have some limitations like emphasizes on epidemiology and neglect of other public health science and low or lack of attention to emerging issues.

In conclusion, there is great need to support and improve public health workforce which requires inclusion of national and variety of agencies to provide finance and infrastructure for training personnel. there is also need to introduce a framework, manage and enhance public health services.in doing this public health will be I a better position to improve the health standards of all the population not only a particular country but also to all countries. More interventions should be done to public health workforce in order to have new resources so as to strengthen this field.


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