Discussion on Health Policy

Discussion on Health Policy





Discussion on Health Policy

It was a nice encounter with health policy and clinical prevention whereby is gained a lot of knowledge on how to deal with different challenges brought by the clients. There were different challenges during that period some of which were financial and difficult to encounter new people. There was counseling which was done to client for behavioral change and competence for successful screening (Gueldner, 2008). The health policy was committed to excellent in its work and offered services well. There was good communication between the policy and the workers which enabled smooth running of all the tasks carried out.

They both had clear implications on health analysis and they greatly rely on scientific research to get information. Decisions made in the policy are derived systematically and health care decision making should allow for active participation in the policy. There was much improvement in my skills during this encounter. I gained a lot of experience from the task I was allocated. The health policy and clinical prevention have pumped me with energy to work more in my area. The nursing examination given impacted a lot of knowledge and skills on new areas of health policy analysis (Gueldner, 2008).

In conclusion, the exposure helped me to be competence to the nursing for effective management. The examination on nursing demonstrated as to why the analysis of the policy is needed which included the policy framework used by nurse managers. All leaders in the policy are required to play their part. There is also need for greater coordination of the actions carried out to ensure that the nursing is effectively supported in shaping the health care policy. There is also great need to address all levels of nursing in order to find solutions that can promote and increase participation.


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