ECE 101 Week 3 assignment – Maria Montesssori Theory

Maria Montessori Theory


ECE 101Introduction to Early Childhood Education (ACJ1136A)



Montessori Theory

The foundation principles and concepts of Maria Montessori theory that can be applied across all ages: Independence, Observation, Following the Child, Correcting the Child, Prepared Environment and Absorbent Mind. It is within these concepts we find the logic behind why things are such in a Montessori atmosphere. These are goals and values that Maria Montessori held with regards to the education of children.


  • Independence
    • Independence When the children are able to do things for themselves
    • There is an increase in their self belief and even self confidence and esteem that they may carry on throughout their life.
  • Observation
    • If the child starts banging on objects, they have the need for that gross motor activity, and then give them a drum.
    • This is how observation can help create harmony, fulfilling the child’s current needs.
  • Following the Child
    • Follow them in what they need to do.
    • If they want to climb give them opportunities to climb in a safe manner but allow them, do not be overprotective.
  • Correcting the child
    • Children make mistakes, they may spill something, or drop food unintentionally, etc., and there is no need to raise your voice.
    • Why don’t we get a cloth and wipe it up.

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