ECE 312 A Struggling Staff Member

A Struggling Staff Member

Different staff members have different capabilities when it comes to meeting several requirements required of them. Helping and assisting them to tackle these challenges is very crucial for the benefit of children and other people that are involved. To well address this issue, I have chosen Supporting Numeracy a Guide for School Support Staff by (Compton & Fielding, 2007).I did so because they carefully explain how to handle different issues in a school setting thus making it very relevant for this case.

The first face to face meeting is essentially to ask and to know if the person in question has is well aware of the situation and how they have planned to address it effectively. This will make me aware of the staff’s situation and understand whatever they might be going through. A solution might well be arrived at how to help them. This can take place any time I discover the weakness. The second face to face meeting is to give the teacher all the requirements and what they are expected to be doing and everything expected of them, a week after the first meeting. This meeting will provide a prerequisite on all the rules and enforcements as an institution required from them. As an evaluation to this, I will check and see if the staff member has improved and met all the set requirements from them. If they have started performing as required, I will know I was successful. A weekly evaluation is one regular way of doing and checking for this.


Compton, A., & Fielding, H. (2007). Supporting Numeracy a Guide for School Support Staff.. London: SAGE Publications.

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