For children in preschool, assessment to the child care center will be regular so that performance and other issues can easily be identified and smoothened out. This means that our program will focus on detail day to day undertakings of the center that will develop the child as a whole. As stated in our philosophy “we believe that each student when provided with the right environment, they will be able to grow and develop as a whole” . This means that we will provide the children with all what they require to grow and develop as a whole. Our vision is to change the society through bringing up children who are competent to do so.

Reliability- We aim to produce reliable people that can be relied and depended on in the future . The content that the student is given should always be relevant and helpful to the mind of the child.

To achieve this, children will always be accessed to ensure that they are given the right content as they require. Their content will always be reviewed to ensure that children will not be given junk information. They should always check that they meet the requirements. They will also be changed if need be from time to time. Developing the child to be reliable people won’t take only the teachers. It is everyone who comes into encounter with the child.

Apart from continues assessment to determine the level of the center, teacher will also be improved in number to cater to the ones who gives content to the children. Teachers and other staff will be drawn from various fields. This will give them a wider perspective of what they are learning.

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