ECE 430 Discussion 1

Discussion 1

Administering two assessment that I chose were checklists and Rubrics. I administered them on a child I personally knew.

Checklists basically involves outlining the points that I want to see in a child. When doing this, I discovered that the child did not meet all the expectations as accorded in the checklist that I created for him. Rubrics that I created to administer on the child involved ways in which the child could diligently follow and then later checked if the child actually followed them all. Also, the child didn’t follow all the rules or the rubrics for this case. Notably, it was a little better since the child showed more personal characteristics at such a young age.

Personally, I think this assessment is good if you want to know the average performance of the child. It is good when you just want to know if the child is headed to the right direction as expected. The main challenge that I found while administering this was the availability of data or information from the parents. Most parents out there at home are busy with their daily work. They do not have a lot of time with their children. This leaves a gap of general assumption. The child cannot also be in a position to show everything that was in the checklist though they might possess the qualification. Some are just difficult to pin point and figure out especially the rubrics.

After carefully reviewing and analysing the results, I found out that child was on track though they didn’t pass all the checklist and the rubrics that I used. They were on track but still needed a lot of support from the parents and more attention from his teacher. From this analysis, the recommendations I have include;

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