ECE 430 Lesson Plan II

  Lesson Plan IITitle: Brown, Brown, What do You See? Objectives (include any from your state plus your own): Children will make real-world connections between stories and real-life experiences Children will segment sentences into individual wordsChildren will differentiate between sounds that are the same and different  Materials: Big book and puppets Crayons and markersConstruction paper Samples of short sentences written in flashcards            Pre-Assessment: Children have been previously working on segmenting short sentences into words (Johnny, Caleb, Jack). Children are able to perform shared reading with teacher and make connections to real-life experiences from previous stories. (Johnny, Caleb, Jack).  I will encourage Maya, Jane, and Kyla to participate in the group discussion. Special needs: To help Johnny improve his fine motor skills, I will ask him to be my helper and flip the pages of the book. To assist Maya and Kyla with their language, I will speak slowly, so they can understand my words. I will also use repetitions and mimic including voice inflections. I will ask Kyla to sit next to me, so she does not get frustrated during story time. Management and Guidance: classroom rules will be reviewed before the activity. I will use oral language and visual cues when reviewing these rules. I will remind Caleb that I will be in charge this time while he listens to the story. I will also review the fair ways to play, take turns, share, and trade. This will help at the time of performing small group activity, drawing a picture of your favorite animal in the story, – after reading. Instructional Sequence: I will begin reading the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? While reading the story I will ask children to repeat some short sentences and sue their fingers to count how many words in that sentence. For children like Caleb, Jack, and Johnny, I will invite them to come to me and use the pointer to count the words in the sentences I had previously read. I will call out a word from the book, and I will ask the children to repeat it and then name the first letter in that word along with its sound. Finally, we will move to the small group table where children will make their drawing about their favorite animal in the story. I will assist Johnny to make his picture since he avoids art center. I will also provide finger paint for children like Johnny and Jane who struggle with fine motor skills. As they finish with their activities, I will provide samples of short sentences and I will ask the children to count the words in that sentence, they will work on this activity until small group is over, approximately 20 minutes. Post-Assessment: Children will take home samples of short sentences and will count how many words in that sentence. I will use large group next morning to recall on today’s activity and call out different words for children to identify the first letter and its sound. We will continue to work on the beginning sound of words the rest of the week.

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