ECE 430 weeek 2 discussion 1

Dear Mrs Ford,


First of all, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to teach at the center. It is indeed an honor to have this opportunity to make a change in the lives in these kids, by teaching them.

I am writing to inform you of how I am planning the curriculum I will be using in my classroom. In order to achieve the most out of the six kids, I will be using the Themed approach. In this approach, the learning experiences are connected to a single theme, which may or may not include integration of subjects (Krogh & Morehouse, 2008). This is because the method takes care of the multi dimensional intelligence which is shown by the students. This method gives me specific information about Language/literacy, where Maya needs to be helped improve on her language. Jonny’s ability to socialize with his peers needs to be worked on, since he usually enjoys his time better than with others. This method will also integrate Jane’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) with her school work, because it focuses on children’s cognitivel aspect, where Jane has special interests in. When it comes to Caleb, this method will also help the emotional boy. He will learn and get to be emotionally strong, and to express emotions. Being the youngest student in the class, Kayla’s crying habit does alienate her socially. This theory will also take care of Kayla’s emotional stability, and by extension teach her to be more social. Finally, being the undisciplined and defiant boy that he is, this method will put Jack’s behavior in check, and he will end up improving on his behavior as well as his relationship with other students in his class.

Mrs. Ashland

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