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Lesson Plan




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Lesson Plan

Planning of a lesson requires that all aspects of a child are put into consideration, to achieve a holistic approach. It is important to create a learning environment where the children are constructively engaged in activities. The teachers should be there to observe, facilitate, and challenge the children. The learning environment for my lesson will contain children’s play items, for them to familiarize with the lesson. This helps the students learn, interact and avoid activities that are unproductive, such as running, jumping up and down, and getting in each other’s way. The following is a lesson for teaching infants/toddlers, preschoolers, and primary- grade children

A Lesson Plan

Content Area or Developmental Focus: Gross Motor skills, singing, fine motor skills.

Age/Grade of Children: 4-5 years

Length of Lesson: 20 Mins

Goal To improve on their social skills.
Objective The objective is to help the kids learn the song and sing as they act out on the song, thereby improving on their social skills.
Standards Included The students will be expected to demonstrate the skills they are strong in. this will help the lesson run smoothly, while at the same time helping out the kids who are weak in those particular areas. The core standard that I plan on utilizing involves Clear, understandable, and consistent lessons. This is important for all age groups, because it creates memorable lessons for them. Hand and finger skills will be important here, when it comes to acting out on the song. As they will be singing, the ability to sing will also be handy, as well as dancing. They will also be required to work together as part of the activity. Generally, the children’s cognitive, social and hands/finger skills will be in use.
Materials ChartsColors/crayonsSticks
Introduction I will introduce the song to the students, and thereafter one student who knows the song will teach the rest of the class, as a refresher to the others. This pat is important because it has to draw the attention of the students into developing interest.
Lesson Development: The lesson development will include teaching the children by giving them specific instructions on what to do. Since children that age learn better by observing, I will also show them by acting out how they are supposed to do it. Having one of them teach them the song is really important, since they will relate with the tune and pace of the one teaching them.
Differentiation The activity will be modified in terms of the pace that the song will go with. This is in consideration of some of the students, who might be relatively younger than the rest, and might not keep up with the normal pace of the song which could be too fast for them. Also, there are those kids whose communication and singing skills might not be as the rest of the students, and they must also be considered. Roles will be assigned in consideration to a child’s interests as well.
Practice/ Checking for Understanding (Assessment) To assess the effectiveness of the class, I will have to review the lesson once it’s over, and see whether the students learnt something or not. I will be asking questions to the students about what they have learnt in the lesson. Immediately after the exercise, the students will repeat it severally on their own, without any guidance. To see the implication of the exercise on team work, I will be observing how they will be doing their things later on, especially the ones who need to improve on team work.
Closing I will congratulate the kids for doing the exercise so well. I will provide highlights on the areas performed so well by each child.

This is a standard lesson plan for a lesson of a class with different age groups. To design instructions that will meet the learning needs of my students, I’ll have Know my students, in terms of their ages, interest levels, abilities, strengths and weaknesses (Vitense, 2010). The consideration of all these factors will play a big role in making sure the lesson is tailor-made for them.


Vitense, T. (2010). Middle school teachers’ implementation of differentiated instruction: The


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