ECE 430 week 2 discussion 2 Lesson Plan II

Lesson Plan II

Lesson Title: Row, Row, Row your boat (song)

Lesson Objectives (include any from your state plus your own):

Kids will learn how to listen and follow instructions

Kids will sing in a systematic and repetitive manner, while some act out on the songs


Paddle like sticks


Crayons and markers

Manila papers

Pre-Assessment: All the kids have been singing a lot in the earlier lessons. The song they are going to sing is quite common to them, because Jane was heard teaching the others. Upon inquiring, I learnt that she was taught at home by her nanny. Johnny however is not acquainted with the song, owing to the fact that he is a loner

Special needs: To help Johnny with the song, I will ask Maya to recite the words of the song, so as to sharpen her language, with my guidance. To assist Jane and Caleb with fine motor skills, they will be drawing water waves on the charts, to indicate a sea. Kalya and Jack’s social skills will be improved by singing together.

Management and Guidance: Using his sentences of varied length and the strong expressive and receptive vocabulary, I will ask Caleb to say the class rules, just as a repetition, since every child knows them. I will use visual cues and oral language to explain what we will be going to do. I want to improve the children’s listening skills; therefore every child is expected to be listening keenly. I will remind Jack that I am the only one who will be telling the kids what to do, and he should not tell anyone what to do. I will also remind Johnny that everyone is expected to work with one another in the group activity, when it comes to acting the song and singing as well

Instructional Sequence: the class will sing the song “row, row row, row your boat” together with the charts on their sides, as though they were in a sea. On one side Johnny, due to his advanced gross motor skills, will hold one paddle-like stick, together with Maya so that she can develop hers. On the other side, Jane and Caleb will be holding the other stick, for the same reason. The rest (Kalya and Jack) will be singing together, so that they can enhance their social skills. This latter group will be taking turns to sing with the group holding the paddles, and after giving them instructions several times, they will be expected to do it alone. Jack will learn that he is not always the leader, Kalya will be integrated to her classmates and won’t be intimidated, Caleb and Johnny won’t avoid playing with their classmates like they often do, Maya will improve on her communication and Jane’s gross motor skills will be improved.


I will ask the children to pick a partner and sing the song together. When the class is over, they will be expected to do the same exercise with their parents and siblings at home. The following day, the kids will give an account of how they did at home, and whether they liked it.

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