ECE 430 WEEK 3 Reflective Journal – Play time for children

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The greatest and perhaps the most relevant issue today in childhood education is the place and purpose of play in early childhood education and development. There is no consensus yet on this issue that is without doubt important in the education of children. There are those who believe that play time is important but as important as teaching numeracy and literacy skills that will play a great role in their future. That children need to be taught how to read and write from an early age to give them a good foundation. On the other hand there are those who hold the view that long hours of direct instruction on literacy and math may not be very beneficial to children. Children learn best when they are involved in active, hands-on exploration and non-academic kind of learning that children don’t learn as much and what they are supposed to sit through class and be directed especially under the age of seven.

Leadership will help teacher to know how much and what kind of play activities are relevant for children while ethical standards will help the teacher to be able to assess the games and settle on those ones that can be beneficial for the children’s’ development. The professional plays a great role because it will help a teacher to understand that children learn more through games and play time than by way of lecture. The centrality and importance of play will be key in my work with children because I believe that through their playtime they can be able to learn better in a friendly environment.

Mrs. Ashland’s greatest challenges are how to discipline children and the burden of dealing with irresponsible parents. Children such as Jack need proper guidance and discipline he is the bully who hits other children then play the victim while Johnny’s parents need to be more responsible and concerned about their child and his welfare however busy they might be. I was in Mrs. Ashland I would do exactly what she has done. Talking to the parents about their parents and teaching Jack that there’s a better way to express frustration and resolve differences.

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