EDD 8304 Project Review Form Part 1

Course Project Review Form

Part 1: Capstone Approval, Research Paper

The first step in the capstone process is the capstone topic approval. This document closely mirrors the Capstone Topic Approval form. This form is designed to help you learn to think and write in a way that will facilitate approval of your capstone project proposal. The School of Education currently permits two categories of capstones, each of which has two options:

Research paper.

Professional product.

In Units 1–5, you will complete Course Project Review Form: Part 1 for approval of a research paper.

In Units 6–9, you will complete Course Project Review Form: Part 2 for approval of a professional product

Please make sure you are using the correct form!

You will need to use the following resources for completion of both Part 1 and Part 2. (All resources can be found on iGuide: Research in the School of Education.

EdD Capstone Project Guide.

EdD Programs of Professional Practice.

Capstone deliverable guides.

Complete each section of the form as it is assigned in the separate units. Submit the entire form each time (even though many sections are left blank) so that your instructor can mark each section as complete and provide feedback you with on it. In, Unit 5 you will review and revise the entire form for clarity, brevity, and alignment, and then submit it as Part 1 of your project, for the research paper capstone option.

By working with the form in this course with a fictitious scenario, you will have the opportunity to develop and practice the disciplined way of writing that will be invaluable to you when writing your full capstone proposal. In your next-to-last course, you will have the opportunity to develop this form on your own topic, which will be invaluable to you when writing the full proposal in your final course.

Do’s and Don’ts

Do prepare your answers in a separate Word document. Editing and revising will be easier.

Do copy and paste items into the right-hand fields of the form when they are ready (that is, when they exactly meet the instructions in the left sidebar).

Do read the item descriptions and their respective instructions carefully. Items request very specific information. Be sure you understand what is asked. Include all of what is requested and only what is requested.

Do not delete the instructions in the left sidebar. They are there to let your instructor see if you have followed them.

Do not lock the form. That will stop you from editing and revising within the form.

Professional Merit

The purpose of the review will be to evaluate whether the study meets the requirements for a capstone project appropriate to your specialization. The following criteria will be used in this evaluation:

The proposed project expands knowledge and informs practice within the specialization through scholarly inquiry and critical analysis.

The proposed project applies literature-based practical strategies to find solutions to specific localized problems encountered in practice.

The proposed project contributes to individual, organizational, institutional, or community change.

The proposed project includes completing a report and appropriate accompanying artifacts/deliverables that meet both relevant scholarly standards and professional criteria of best practice.

Please insert your answers directly into the boxes that have been provided. Do not exceed the allotted space.

[Complete Sections A and B in Unit 1 of EDD8304]

Section A. Researcher Information Name: Laide AlexanderE-mail:
Section B. Specialization ScenarioInsert the full description of the scenario you have chosen. Briefly comment about why you chose it. [Copy and paste your selected scenario here]Scenario CCuyahoga has always served adult learners and has developed a well-deserved reputation for creating an excellent student experience. Its faculty members are committed to serving the current and new students and, with a strong and active faculty union, are generally satisfied with their role in the governance of the institution. As Cuyahoga grows and becomes more diverse, as new faculty join the ranks, and as experienced faculty begin to confront a new generation of students, the need for faculty development becomes ever more pressing. Improving the faculty development process at Cuyahoga has become a strong priority.I chose this scenario because my interest and intended thesis has been on “systems, systems thinking and systems leadership. However, the need for on-going faculty development is paramount not only in imparting knowledge, but understanding the behavior and learning pattern of adult learners. Interpersonal skill becomes a much needed skill, as well as the ability to utilize non-cognitive skills to develop non-cognitive skills in the adult learners.With that said, ambiguous policies and procedures, without clear expectations and code of conduct can affect this effort’s full effectiveness.

[Complete Section C in Unit 2 of EDD8304]

Section C. The TopicWrite a brief statement of the topic (or issue) in general terms: 4–12 words.The topic is generalizable and extends beyond your specific intuition. Example: The topic is methods to increase enrollment of minority students in college. The topic is methods to enhance and expand andragogy; education of adults.

[Complete Section D in Unit 3 of EDD8304]

Section D: How Does the Topic Fit My Specialization?Review the Topic Selection Criteria for your specialization in the Programs of Professional Practice document. Choose a minimum of two topic criteria and answer the following question in a clear and concise paragraph (up to 100 words per criterion):What is the relevance of your topic to your specialization at Capella? SpecializationEducational Leadership and ManagementCriterion 1 [insert criterion name here from Professional Product document]Purpose – proposed project contributes to individuals, organizational, institutional change. The relevance of my topic to my capstone is driven by the notion that teachers are the “number” influence in the lives of the students , and students’ learning capabilities can greatly be influenced by the teacher, their approach to learning and teaching the course content, while sharing real life experiences.I believe that “Anagogical” model of sharing information, should be used to effectively develop teachers’ coupled with appreciative inquiry approach, so as to create training and development that move teachers from being “teaching-teachers” to becoming “inspiring teachers. “Criterion 2 [insert criterion name here from Professional Product document]Evaluation – proposed project expands knowledge and informs practice within the specialization through scholarly inquiry and critical analysis.The relevance of this topic is, as an aspiring action researcher, some of my responsibilities is to; research, identify, research, and propose strategies that will act as interventions to expand knowledge and inform institutions through scholarly inquiry and critical analysis for the sole purpose of enhancing systems, systems thinking and systems leadership. Beginning with enhancing andragogical methods used in adult education, so as to encourage development of teachers and instructors, particularly since they are the number one influence in the lives of students.

[Complete Sections E and F in Unit 4 of EDD8304]

Section E. The PurposePart 1 of the project addresses the research paper capstone project. Please complete the purpose statement using your topic. Consider the following questions:Why are you conducting this research?What do you hope to accomplish?Example: The purpose of this capstone research paper is to describe methods to increase enrollment of minority students in college. The purpose of this capstone research paper is to describe methods and strategies for enhancing andragogy (the education of adults; particularly teachers) in the 21st century”.
Section F. The ProjectThere are two deliverable types acceptable under the research paper category: Action research monograph Evaluation In this section you will: 1) identify your deliverable 2) briefly describe (no more than 200 words) the process you will use to conduct your research project.Example: The deliverable will be the “evaluation” type. The evaluation process will collect both quantitative data (e.g. enrollment numbers) and qualitative data (e.g. interviews with potential minority students and their parents) in order to evaluate the current policies and procedures used to attract and enroll minority students. Below is information from the Programs of Professional Practice document on the capstone category of research paper:CategoryResearch PaperDefinitionA publishable scholar practitioner analysis based on research about a specific problem or issue appropriate to the learner’s specialization.PurposeAddress an organizational problem and/or seek to improve the organization.Deliverable Type 1Action Research MonographA comprehensive description of the process, outcomes, and effect of a new or ongoing action research or performance improvement project. Deliverable Type 2Evaluation Description and analysis of an ongoing or completed educational program or performance improvement intervention in order to determine its effectiveness, worth, and significance.The deliverable will be the “evaluation” type. The evaluation process will collect both quantitative data (e.g. teacher attrition) and qualitative data (e.g. interviews with potential new teachers, teachers that shifted, teachers that left and the ones that stayed, student, parents and school owners) in order to; (1) create and evaluate the attrition reports and the variables that affect the report favorably or unfavorably. (2)Create and evaluate needs assessment of teachers, expectations, and anticipated outcome based on ability to deliver instructional content, and ability to exhibit competence in inspiring their students to learn.

Unit 5 Review

In Units 1–4 you have worked through the Course Project Review Form: Part 1, for the research paper capstone option and received instructor feedback.

In Unit 5, you will do a thorough review to ensure all feedback has been incorporated and each section aligns. Go through each section (A–F) and do the following:

Read the instructions in the first column carefully. Go through your draft and be sure that you have included:

Everything that is asked for.

Nothing that is not explicitly asked for. No extra words, explanations, definitions, or comments.

Give the whole form one last reading as if you were the external reviewer.

Submit your form to the assignment area in Unit 5.

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