EDU 508 Applying Research Skills

Applying Research Skills

How has learning about educational research contributed to your own personal or professional goals? What skills have you learned in this class, and how will you use them beyond this class? What can you apply from this class in your current work environment?

Learning about Educational research has improved my personal goals a lot. From this, I have learnt a lot about how different thins vary and have their own individual characteristics at a lower level. Through careful analysis, I have learnt that learnt how to analyze different things based on their individual characteristics thus achieving my ultimate professional goal of research personal level. There are several skills I have learnt in this class. They include creativity, critical thinking, planning and many more. I will apply these skills out there to solve many challenges that I will face in my day to day life both at a personal and communal level. There a lot to be applied like the critical thinking skills. Most issues that I face require well thought out and organized ideas to solve any problem that I encounter. My current work environment too possess its own challenges and need the application of several skills which fortunately I have learnt in this class. Skills like planning, creativity and also critical thinking are most important in my current work place. In conclusion, this class has been most important to me in my current and future endeavors.

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