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Coding is the process of marking passages, visual or video images that say the same thing or that are similar with a given short summative word called a code to describe that portion of data. Every researcher especially one who deals with qualitative data must know how to code easily and well. Similar codes can be grouped into categories and this greatly helps in the analyzing of data.

Categories Codes  
Facebook Use Frequency I tend to use facebook almost all the time, I keep checking my phone for any notification. Some people think I am an addict though am not so sure about that
  Social networking Facebook has enabled to get many friends and it has also enabled me to stay in touch with my old friends
  Self-expression I guess it is on facebook where I can best be myself. I can write almost anything that comes into my mind with fear. I don’t do this when I am talking to people face to face
  Information sharing It is a good platform for me share information with my friends and also to get new information
Facebook experience Socially It has widened my social circle. I have more friends now that I did before I signed for facebook
  Emotionally I can share some very emotional stuff about my life and I am sure that there will be people online who can sympathize and perhaps empathize with me and my issues
  Personality I think I have become more self-conscious and assertive, there is much I can say about myself
Facebook and academic performance GPA I am not sure there is any relationship between my GPA and my use of facebook. I think that that there is no relationship whatsoever
  Homework That is where the real problem is. When I have logged onto facebook, time seems to pass so fast that I don’t notice and that leads to procrastination of homework ,sometimes
  Self-esteem Facebook can be a real morale booster, especially if you many friends with whom you are constantly in touch .It gives a feeling that you are not alone and lonely

Administering an interview requires a set of skills such as good listening skills, great motivation and persuasion skills to keep your clients interested and the interview going until you get responses to every question you have identified and written down. It has taught a few tips that I am sure will be helpful to me in the future such as probing. There is especially when you are dealing with a client who doesn’t ask questions as forthrightly as you might want .Dealing with such clients as has taught that I can be patient till I get what I want.

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