EDU 510 week 1 discussion 1


Teachers unlike other professions face unique high stakes challenges because the lives of children and how they pan out is their responsibility that at times they are forced to shoulder on their own. One of the pressures that they on a regular basis is to get high grades for their students. The emphasis on high performance by students puts such as a great pressure on teachers that some are forced to alter student’s results so that they can so score higher than they are supposed to (Levitt, 2003). This accountability pressures also force school administrators and schools to put more resources on lower achievers to improve their grades. Some also spend much more time on instructing students to improve in core subjects

Another pressure that school administrators face is the professional development and this is so because some factors are just beyond their control such as the demographics of a school or the kind of training that their teaching staff may have received. School administrators face the challenge to assess the professional development of their staff and students to determine what kind of training is relevant and what changes to introduce in order to make learning more enjoyable for students.

Drug education is something I would like to teach to my students in future. Due to the sensitivity of this subject I would like to make sure that I have done enough preparation and I have a great grasp of the subject. I would make some decisions about the teaching aids and materials to use in the class. I would like to pick on drug education resources that can enable as much as learning as possible, without replacing the teacher. Because drugs mainly affect young people some of whom are of school going age I would like to involve them as much as possible in the lesson and that can be through physical activities, role play and focus group discussion. I believe that this strategy will make the lesson more interesting and memorable.


Levitt, S. (2003). Catching Cheating Teachers the Results of an Unusual Experiment in Implementing Theory. Cambridge, Mass.: National Bureau of Economic Research.

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