Effects of Technology on Manufacturing Industries

Effects of Technology on Manufacturing Industries




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Years back, no one could predict what is happening today in the manufacturing sector. Many manufacturing industries today have been affected by what was being predicted back in 2020 and years back. By the year 2035 a lot of revolution would have taken place. Some of the revolutions would be witnessed in the following sectors.

Psychological impacts

Considering the psychological impacts, employee behavior has been monitored and effective measures taken by manufacturing companies to ensure the high production rate is maintained. This will really take high percentage in 2035 in order to maintain the high profile of profits in the competitive market. In addition, through the use of technology like surveillance cameras which have enabled managers to learn the employee’s behavior without their knowhow will take great line. Solution to problems facing employees is being provided in a quick manner immediately after realization so in 10years time everything will be machine operated .

Economical impacts

In the case of Economical effects, due to increased production after application of technology in manufacturing industries, economic status of the nation has gone up by a high margin. Production has been made continuously and thus individual companies are in a position to carry out production in 24 hours in order to reach the market demand by customers. My opinions in this sector is that much would be done whereby the government will be in a position to raise revenue thus boosting the economy as the amount of taxes collected will be in respect to the quantity produced by individual companies.


With advancement in technology on manufacturing industries in the past years, environmental impacts of industries have been reduced. Technology has been developed regarding waste control. Manufacturing companies are in a position to recycle the waste materials produced within their firms. Technology has also been employed to ensure that, the materials which are not recycled are treated before being released into the environment and this has reduced the negative environmental impact of industries. In the next 10 years to come, the level of technology would be in another level enbling everything run smoothly and in a controlled manner.

Political impacts

Politically, advancement in technology has reduced the political impact of politicians on manufacturing industries, this has been and will impact in the next years to come achieved through the connection of firms computers with those of tax collection agencies to improve on transparency. With such factors having laid down, the companies have overcome the challenge of closure as every person is interested in development in various regions. Due to this factor, there would be more companies in near future.

Social impacts

Socially, it has been a great challenge as machines have been used to replace human effort and thus people have been eliminated in production activity as machines are being used which can be controlled by only one person. I think by 2035, there will be no human labor to being required in industries. The social life will be negatively affected since all departments would adapt to technological means including sales where social media and other communication technologies are being used to advertise products being manufactured.


To conclude, more than fifteen years back, we were talking about goals to attain by 2035 in manufacturing industries, the same goals we were wishing to see are being practiced today and this has made a clear picture that advancement has been made in manufacturing firms, socially, economically, psychologically, politically and environmentally. We are thus supposed to work hard to ensure that the remaining areas are addressed as required and that we develop on the negative parts of the advancement for sustainable development in all regions.

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