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EHR Committee Member – Name and Title ONC Standard Relevant to this Committee Member’s Function* Questions to ask Vendor on behalf of this Committee Member
One: Taylor – Director of Pharmacy A 170.302(a)(1) 1. Is the EHR software able to automatically generate information regarding any negative reactions that the patient may have to a particular drug?2. Is the pharmacist or any other end-user able to update new information regarding a patient’s drug allergic reaction on the system?3. Will the pharmacist be able to check for drugs in a preferred or formulary list using the software?
Two: Dave – Director of Information Systems A 170.205(a)(1) Is the software able to adequately transmit and receive a patient’s information to all the relevant end-user?Does the software display this information in a human- readable format?
Three: Steve – Director of laboratory services A 170.205(c), A 170.205(j) Does the software record, modify and submit clinical lab results in a way that is clear beyond reasonable doubt?
Four: Trinette – Director of Patient Access A 170.204(c), A 170.210(e)(2) Does the system always prompt for a unique identity identifier to ensure that patient information is only accessible to certified users?Does the software automatically record user logs?
Five: Charmaine – Manager of Emergency Department NQF 0495 Can the software permit a particular identified user, to gain access to the health information of a patient during an emergency?Does the software record the time that the patient is admitted in the emergency unit and departure time from emergency unit?
Six: Rogene – Manager of data security A 170.210(e)(2) Does the technology allow for encryption of all end-user devices containing the health information?Does the technology prevent health information from being stored on those devices after the EHR stops being submitted to these devices?
  CITATIONSDrug- drug, drug-allergy interactionExchange of clinical information and patient summary recordReportable lab resultsAuthentication, access control, and authorizationEmergency access, Emergency Department Throughput – Arrival to DepartureEnd-User Device Encryption  

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