Elements of Strategic Social Media Marketing

Elements of Strategic Social Media Marketing

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The business research journal explores how business management is facilitated by played social media marketing as a prime management in the 21st Century. Strategic social media marketing framework has been approached from a qualitative theory-building approach in four generic dimensions; poles of conservatism and modernism, networks and hierarchies of social media, governance from autocratic management to anarchical management in social media, and social media scope. The main model presented in the business journal entail the role of social media marketing framework in improving business performance (Felix et al., 2017).

Based on the presented research, researchers, managers, and marketers rely heavily on social media. For example, when it comes to innovational management, identification of market purchase behavior, brand management, and the relationship of the customer with management in the use of social media have proven effective in business management. There are multiple issues affecting business management today as outlined by Felix et al. (2017). Such problems have been presented as lack of brand awareness, stagnating sales, poor brand image, and increased marketing costs. However, through social media marketing, business men and women have been able to address these management problems through creation of increased brand awareness, a marketing tool, stimulation of sales, and using minimum costs in covering a huge market domain, and determination of how consumers view firms and their actions.

Social media marketing has therefore been presented as an inevitable tool for profitable and maximized cost effective business management framework. The social media is argued to be a platform where dozens and thousands of customers converge at free will and are ready to be convinced on new products that fit the range of meeting their specific needs. As for business managers, social media marketing comes at a minimum cost and maximum profit generation as a pool of more diversified customers is reached faster and easier. The product being marketed and the type of industry it falls in tends to influence the magnitude of the management impact played by social media marketing in business.

One other challenge that business managers face include the complexity of the technology being used in creating connectivity. Management of business under the social media sphere is claimed in the journal to be largely affected and impeded by increased employees problems within the business framework due to lack of a well-developed responsibility management in running of business. However, in the end, a well-managed social media platform has continued to prove the most effective tool in business appraisal and market coverage through creation of a distinction between an individual’s ability to create a brand narrative about a product, and the reality of the product shared by those who are in direct use of the product. Social media marketing has therefore become a business management tool that has improved business by being used as a transformational tool which improves business management from relational orientation to interactional orientation.

However, the journal emphasizes that despite the use of social media marketing being an effective business management tool, it is disadvantaged by the fact that there is still a significant number of people who have no access to internet, smartphones, or even the know-how on usage of modern communication technologies. However, a holistic use of social media can be attributed to increased sales, business ideas, and even profit estimation and viability in the market. The journal therefore affirms that despite the few challenges that come with utilization of social media as a marketing and management tool, it has become a significant tool in creation of marketing collaboration using the outlined four social media marketing dimensions, and it has proven an effective communication tool in business management.


Felix, R., Rauschnabel, P. A., & Hinsch, C. (2017). Elements of strategic social media marketing: A holistic framework. Journal of Business Research70, 118-126.

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