Emerging Policies in Criminal Justice Policy

Emerging Policies in Criminal Justice Policy





Emerging Policies in Criminal Justice Policy

There are many issues which come up in the criminal justice policy requiring for new policies to be introduced. There was a renewed interest in the amendment which concerned on the policy of gun control. The gun control policy was implemented due to the incidences which occurred and shooting exercise was done. Gun policy was incited by many issues of misuse of gun whereby shooting was a normal thing when horrific incident occurred. The shooters have been witnessed killing innocent souls leading to dreadful incidences. The shooting have been witnessed to use many of the illegalized weapons whereby many young people were killed. For instance, it was noted that in 1999 over 12 students and teachers were killed in Columbine School. Many others incidents were noted indifferent schools whereby innocent young people lost their life (Coventry et al. 2007).

There was great need for gun control policy whereby over 30,000 people died due to firearm. This needed immediate attention and action to be taken where president Obama called for congress in order to find mitigation measures against these incidents. The meeting passed a legislation which involved gun inspection during show forums. There was set limitations for those having guns and led to effective measures on gun shots. This called for many soldiers to be trained on use of physical means to fight crimes but not use of guns. This policy has been accepted by many Americans but should also be passed through the state level rather than the federal government (Perrin et al. 2005).

The desire to protect many innocent young souls suffering from the gun shots, the policy makes more meaning to many Americans. The gun control policy has provided safety measures for many young souls. Criminal justice is not a failure because it implemented a policy which saved many people. The policy also led to development of new technology which has helped the government to monitor the behavior of the police and use of authority. Every person has a right to have security and to leave freely within and outside the country. Criminal justice policy is making improvements to ensure that every citizen in the country has got security and freedom to socialize without fear (Coventry et al. 2007).

In conclusion, it is important for the government to provide security to all citizens. Every individual has right to life and no one should threaten anyone’s security. The constitution should provide every person with freedom of privacy and should not be interfered with (Perrin et al. 2005).


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