ENG 220 week 4 Journal

ENG/220 week 4 Journal

Some of my favorite places are in my backyard. We live in the foothills of East Tennessee and at the bottom of the Appalachian Mountain’s. My back porch is my most cherished place. When I step outside on a cool summer night I hear the little green creeper frogs croaking. I hear the creek hissing around my house. I smell the crisp dew settling on all the trees. If there is a breeze leaves from the mountain trees start to chatter. I love this back porch at night because all the little lightning bugs start to dance and the cicadas sing to each other. The other place that I love the most is when we go hiking to Laurel Run Falls in Church Hill Tennessee. It’s such a warm and inviting hike. At the end of the trail you are greeted with the most spectacular waterfall. When you park your car you’re automatically encircled by mammoth trees. I especially love it when we have to cross over the frigid creek. I always stop and hunt for sticky slimy salamanders that hide under green moss-covered rocks. I love this area because of all the wildlife you might see and all that nature has to offer. I am having a hard time finding enough words to express how absolutely breathtaking this area is. When I think I can’t take another step forward- there she is Laurel Run Falls. This waterfall is not the largest in the area but the bolstering amount of water hawking over the top is an impressive feat. Feeling the ice cold water on my arms and legs and the slimy rocks under my toes is what makes this one of my favorite places in the world. Sometimes it is nice to take a day and unplug from technology and take some time to enjoy nature.

My family is so divided. On my dad’s side my grandmother Hall is very much so a southern woman. My grandmother Hensley however is not so much a perfect southern woman. Each are truly amazing and I hope that I can take some wonderful advice from them both but I have never seen a more divided family.

My grandmother Hall was born and raised here in Eastern Tennessee. She went to our local college East Tennessee State University (which by the way was a major feat since she graduated in the 1950’s and that wasn’t woman’s work as she tells me) She became an educator and married my grandfather in 1959 a week after he had gotten his deployment card to the Vietnam before we officially invaded Vietnam. He was basically a spy on the Vietnamese government. She was raised a southern belle and that meant she still goes to church every Sunday and sings in the choir. She waited on my grandfather hand and foot until the day he passed. Never questioned what he had to say and to this day expresses to me that her and grandpa never had a fight. She has her hair done every Saturday morning so it looks good for Sunday school. Just like any southern belle you better believe I’ve heard her tell me more than once “Would you look at that poor child, honey just bless their hearts. She just wasn’t raised right and needs a come to Jesus meeting”.

Granny Hensley is a horse of another color. Granny Hensley was raised in Baltimore Maryland. My grandfather’s best friend in the army lived next door to my grandmother’s granny. While my grandfather was on leave with his best friend he met my nana and they fell in love. They ended up getting married in the mid 60’s and true love blossomed. My grandmother was a wild child. When she was 13 granny got on a bus with her best friend to go see The Beatles at Shea stadium. Honey when I tell you she was dressed to the nines I mean she was dressed. She had her shortest mini skirt, tallest go-go boots on, and her teen press pass around her neck. She was ready to see the most influential boys that had taken over the world. Not only did her best friend and her go- they made it backstage and go to meet The Beatles. She was just about as hip and groovy as you could be. She protested and was a bra burner. She went to Woodstock unknowingly pregnant with my mother. My mother’s god father is Billy from the band Kansas. My grandparents have known Billy for ages and that is just who was going to be put in charge of mom if something happened to them. Still to this day my granny works with efforts around the local community and helps raise awareness of animal cruelty in our shelters and neglect that some of our shelters do have.

There you have it. My crazy family. On one side my granny Hall is a super southern belle. The other side of my family granny Hensley is a free spirited hippy. Im glad I have this family and get to live this life with them helping to guide me. I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s the best of both worlds.

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