ESE 313 Week 1 Assignment – Family Partnership

Family Partnership

ECE 313: Collaboration with parent and community

Family Centered Approach

Family centered early care and education is holistic approach to working with children and their families. In traditional approach to k-12 education, the focus has been on the child and ways to teach young children (Wardle, 2013).

The family centered approach was developed out of models for parent’s education and parent’s involvement, which are still prevalent in mainstream early care and education program (Wardle, 2013).

Benefits of family centered approach

Obstacle to overcome in Family center approach

  1. Enrichment communication
  2. Shared power and decision making
  3. Supportive relationship
  4. A network of mutual support
  5. Consistent behavioral expectation for the child
  6. (Wardle, 2013)

Recommendation on how to get over obstacles

  1. Many Programs don’t involve parents or don’t know how to involve parents
  2. Parents don’t know how to get involved with the programs or they choose not to get involve
  3. Reference

    1. Communication- Keep families up to date on early child hood education programs and individual students progress through effective program to home and home to school communication (Wardle, 2013).
    2. Decision making- Include families as participant in the program decision, governance, parent advisory group and advocacy through policy councils, governing boards, committees, and another parents organization (Wardle, 2013)
    3. Wardle, F.  (2013).  Collaboration with families and communities [Electronic version]. Retrieved from

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