Evaluate Ethics, Sustainability, and Social Issues in Twenty-first Century Businesses

Evaluate Ethics, Sustainability, and Social Issues in Twenty-first Century Businesses

BTM7101-8 Doctoral Studies in Business: Assignment # 4


As we transition through the twenty-first century and beyond, the goal of the company is to remain competitive. And to ensure we would be able to do that, we need some change initiatives. Whether or not we would continue to change, that’s still waiting to be seen. But what we needed to do is put our name out there as part of both social responsibility and sustainability initiatives. These initiatives can and will continue to remain two vital parts of our business and the rest of the company. It will continue to impact almost every aspect of our business and personal lives.Therefore, what we need to focus is how committed we are to social responsibility and sustainability. It is essential to continue to address sustainability and social issues to help decrease concerns and potential problems.

The company must continue to play a major role in the company social responsibility and ensure its sustainability. For example, a related social responsibility program would be donation to United Way. Whether or not we are looking to change, it’s crucial that we need to develop a social relationship within our business community and the communities which we do business. We simply cannot afford any major changes, but these changes are programs we can afford. We must reassure of how different program would continue to benefit the company moving beyond the twenty-first century. What critical to the company is how sustainability we wanted to be and what role we wanted to be as regards to social responsibility.

Business success has something to do with social responsibility. The company need to ensure that it has to address how it could help change social culture and ensure the benefit of the citizens in that particular area.External stakeholders or consumers are looking at how ethical the company can be. The problem is – there’s no problem because we are capable of making it happen for both external consumers and within our business because of social responsibility issues. It is also part of our business goal and objective. The company strategies are to win the over external stakeholders based on our focus on social and environmental values and other related issues. Our role is to ensure we continue to do our part to help benefit society overall. We have to respect the environment and those that requesting for our products. The more we give back, be difference maker the more become a known name in the community (Brumagim & Cann, 2012).

There’s a different between know your business social responsibility and the business responsibility. The company cannot afford to face potential risks by not working hard enough to prevent these issues. If we aren’t prepared or ready for social responsibility then we may very well give up. We need to build a relationship between our customers and our company by showing to them that we are capable of engage with the outside world for the benefit of the customer concerns. It’s all comes back to communication as mentioned on the previous assignment. The better we prepared and show to the external stakeholders that we can be trusted, the more we would be able to achieve our business objectives.Part of the strategies is to give and prove that the company is loyal to social responsibility and continue to want to be a part of a social responsibility.

Major companies, most has already begun somesource of go green initiative as part of social responsibility. These companies have priority and continue to utilizedifferent approaches and strategiesto ensure it achieve business results. However, as smaller businesswe remain on the outside looking in. But what we could do is start locally and connects with different resources that too far from where we are. We can and will benefit our community, but what we are planning to do could and would have a major impact to the rest of the society as a whole.

To ensure we as a company continue to play our part as the major companies, we need to really understand the value of social responsibility. It’s all about remain transparent because transparency is crucial for both external and internal customers. Our employees has to really committed to our initiative of ensure the benefit of the company by participating and connecting with outside resources.

We do not necessary has to implement a major program. We just need to ensure we can be trust and develop a connection, and show our loyalty. Therefore, we are more than capable of connect to different programs. To get there, the company has to create a volunteer program. We are small, but with dedication and commitment, we should be able to accomplish. The more we continue to show and attend different volunteer events, the more people would continue to say good things about the company. All we need to do is give back without expecting to receive anything in return. The company leaderships team especially the CEO of the company should already know some organizations and communities that needed help.

Our sustainability initiative should always based on how we can and will have major impact to societal needs. To meet the needs of the consumers and have a major impact of social issues we need to go green and save energy. It has to do with how we utilize different resources to save the environment. For example, look at Walmart – part of its sustainability initiative is to power the future of retail for many future generations to come. The giant retailer is seeking for ways to have affordable, safe and cleaner energy resources. To ensure a more sustainable world, this is the way Walmart is taking and it’s the right way to do business throughout the globe.

Give a helping hand to help ensure we continue to sustain and reduce energy has major impact to society overall. Whether we like it or not, business sustainability continues to be a major part of our business. And to move remain competitive, remain competitive and beyond two to three years, we need to ensure we are doing a part. It’s all about saving and reducing. We just have a role and a responsibility. We have to make improvement to the environment and the overall communities which we live and do business. Keep in mind that extra wasted materials needed to be review to ensure it can be reuse. All we can do is try because it is part of making a difference and stay competitive. At the end of the day it’s good for business, the outcome can’t be denied. We as a company has to be committed and ensure to make proper decision. Once the decision is made, we need to set our priorities, review and set our targets. It can and will have reducedcosts and very well benefits the company. Leaderships would be see profitability and the company should be able to create consistent incentives, including those related to executive compensation (Oppenheim & Stuchtey, 2015).

Although operating and running a business has its pros and cons, but when the business is trying to implement socially responsible and sustainability, there’s always challenges. Social responsibility and business sustainability both aren’t easy tasks despite the good deeds. There’s no guaranteed of the positive results. Moving beyond today and through the twenty-first century of business we are all wants profitability. To ensure we are able to achieve these objectives, our focuses remain keeping the best employees,loyal customers, shareholders and loyal communities. We have to ensure we are able to keep everyone happy. It is a challenge which we need to balance it out. We want social change, positive social change, but still need to ensure business sustainability.As you can see you there’s always pros and cons to business.

One major challenge facing social responsibility is external customers. The company has to extra careful of its products and communication associated with the product. Any wrong move or mistake has major consequences. Despite how well known we are as a company, if we aren’t careful of what we do, it could be a major blow to our hard works.Customers pay close attention to a business at a time its was successful and when it face negative outcome. For example, ABC Pharmaceutical Company was well known throughout the community. It has a long history of employee volunteers and give back to the community. However, ABC Pharmaceutical has to shut its plant down after an error on a steroid injections it manufactured were linked to cases of fungal meningitis. It’s all about safety and responsibility. Your social responsibility doesn’t mean a thing if the business does not do enough on the operation side. It doesn’t matter whether you are a major company or small, it is all about the final products.

It doesn’t matter the size of the company, each business or company has its own objective and a critical role to play. Companies are working to ensure its business play a role for business sustainability, but there’s always challenges ahead. For example, a company wanted to save the environment by going green. But there’s a climate change challenge waiting. Therefore, the more a company wants to do its best, the expected happened. Climate change is no questioned, has had hurt the US economy. Some areas of the country has major drought and some hit hard by natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes and droughts. When natural disaster strike, the amount and time we spent to ensure our company positioned for future success has financial costs impacted the business. There’s potential loss of profit and other related issues such as rebuild.

Business has to remain ready to ensure it could handle changes and major issues. It is all about accept what coming and ensure to fix the existing problems.as a company, we will remain to collaborating with the communities which we work and do business. Butwe need to have a clear understanding of the issues which we are facing today.

When a company can focus on sustainability and social responsibility, it shouldn’t forget business ethic. Both has and remain a part of business ethic. Employees who are participate in a social responsible program has to remain ethical when offsite because he or she is a liaison of the company. All employees has to know and understand what is right or wrong. It is all about doing the right thing when no one is watching.Whoever represent the company or any project associated with the company has to follow the values of the company. To ensure a high moral, the culture has to have an accepted working environment and positive values. External stakeholders will judge and look at the moral values of such organization.

Conclusion or Summary

Company’s business sustainability and social responsibility initiatives are major parts of a company business success. These initiativescan and will continue to play vital roles in the company plans for future business developments. Both social responsibility and sustainabilityremain challenges despite the positive outcomes. It’s how a company can cope with different programs that would continue to benefit the company moving beyond the twenty-first century. What critical to the company is how sustainability we wanted to be and what role we wanted to be as regards to social responsibility. References

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