Executive Summary on Risk Analysis

Executive Summary

Overview Premier Collegiate School is a private school with a student enrollment of 300 and 30 faculty members. There are two servers functioning in the school, one for the administration business, and one to serve student needs. There are 35 desktop PC used by teachers and students and one portable laptop used by the school principle. Enrolled students are required to provide privately-owned laptop for their school work. An asset list is required with priorities based on their importance to the function of the school and the level of protection required for each asset.

Premier Collegiate School asset list

IT Asset Description Seven Domains of Typical IT Privacy Data Impact Assessment [Critical-Major-Minor]
Server #1Administration Business Systems/ApplicationDomain FERPA Critical
Server #2Student Applications Systems/ApplicationDomain FERPA Critical
Desktop ComputerAdministrative staff Workstation Domain FERPA Critical
Notebook ComputerSchool Principal Workstation Domain FERPA Critical
Desktop ComputerTeachers’ Lounge Workstation Domain FERPA Critical

The provided asset list indicates the number of computer systems inventoried for the Premier Collegiate School. It provides a description of computer systems, applicable IT domain, privacy data impact, and asset status to meets the confidentially, integrity, and availability (CIA) triad core principles of information security.

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